Letters Convicts Wrote To Their Younger Selves.

Letters Convicts Wrote To Their Younger Selves. February 28, 2016

In 2013, [Trent Bell](http://trentbell.com/) was shocked to find out that his friend – a husband, father of four children, and an educated professional – was sent to prison for 36 years. It haunted him to think of his friend’s decisions and loss of freedom and also of the times he could’ve turned himself around. The pictures below are part of the Reflect project. Bell photographed inmates and fused them with letters they had written to their younger selves if they could turn back the hands of time. “Our bad choices can contain untold loss, remorse, and regret,” the photographer explains on his website, “but the positive value of these bad choices might be immeasurable is we can face them, admit to them, learn from them and find the strength to share.”