Proud Cat Parent Holds Two Of Guinness World Records.

Proud Cat Parent Holds Two Of Guinness World Records. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It is said that cats were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, and if you’re the owner of a feline, you can see why this is true. Cats can be very affectionate, and incredibly loving, at times. But in most cases, cats are bossy, prissy, and honestly, do whatever they want. A lot of people tend to think they’re tiny assassins of cuteness. No matter what you think of them, the truth can’t be denied. Cats are crazy creatures, but they’re insanely adorable and unique. In fact, some are so unique they can even win awards, just like the cats in this story.Cygnus is an unbelievably handsome Maine Coon Cat! Cygnus lives in Southfield, Michigan with his human companion, Dr. Will Powers.

“He’s exceedingly friendly, and almost like a Ragdoll when picked up. He just flops and lets me do anything to him like touch his belly or paws,”Dr. Powers said.

Cygnus is incredibly unique. So unique, that he caught the eyes of some pretty important people.

That’s when he was contacted by officials from Guinness World Records. They noticed something incredible about Cygnus.

It wasn’t until he was a bit older that Dr. Powers realized something special about his feline friend. Something that would eventually get him in the book of World Records.

They asked him if he would measure Cygnus’ tail! Knowing that people called Cygnus “Featherduster” for a reason, Dr. Powers had no problem doing what they asked.

Guinness officials knew they had to see him, so they headed to the home of Dr. Powers. When they got there, they were were in for a bigger surprise than they thought!

Cygnus lived with two other furry friends. Friends that he absolutely adores.

Cygnus loves his friend, Sirius Altair Powers, so much! Even though it’s adorable, this isn’t what Guinness World Records was surprised by.

Dr. Powers is also the companion to a Savannah cat named, Arcturus Aldebaran Powers. Guinness couldn’t believe what they had stumbled across.

What they realized at their arrival was amazing. Arcturus turned out to be the longest cat ever recorded!

Arcturus now holds the title as longest cat for his incredible length of 19.05 inches! It’s almost unbelievable!

“Interestingly, each cat broke the record at only slightly over a year old, and still continue to grow, pushing the records farther and farther every day! They each hold both the ‘Ever’ record as well as the ‘Living’ record,” said Dr. Powers.

Dr. Powers is the president of a local pet shelter called Ferndale Cat Shelter. These cats have been a huge help for them.

“We constantly do events with the cats where people can come meet them. These two boys have raised thousands of dollars for our cat shelter,” Dr. Powers explained.

Not only does he have incredibly loving cats, but they’re stars, as well. I know I’d love to see them, they’re so cute!

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