Proud Owners Show Off The Craziest Haircuts They’ve Given Their Dogs.

Proud Owners Show Off The Craziest Haircuts They’ve Given Their Dogs. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Your dad may have given you one of the worst haircuts ever when you were a little boy or a little girl. And those bizarre haircuts have probably even left you scarred for life. But it doesn’t come close to some of the wackier alternative haircuts that these pets got. Some are unfortunate, while others are kind of adorable, sure, but it sort of seems like some of these poor pooches have fought a lawnmower, and the lawnmower won. Ouch.While the puppy looks absolutely adorbs, he’s got this bizarre, almost cartoonish box cut on his head. If that weren’t odd enough, the owners replicated the same cubic style on the hairs on its face, which looks like a giant ice cube.

Sadly, the dog doesn’t exactly look too happy with her pom pom paws and her pigtails. But she shouldn’t look so sad. At least they did her a solid and shaved her chest, ‘cause no lady wants to go out in public with a hairy chest.

We totally get why this dog is frowning. No one wants to look like they’re wearing a toupee. He’s either the secret fifth Beatles member, or he’s a huge fan of “Dennis The Menace.” All the stylist needs to do is dye the hair blond and voila! Instant twin.

The groomer apparently got a little too careless with that electric shaver he got for Christmas and decided to hack away at most of this dog’s hair. Fortunately, he left him with lots of facial hair so people would think he’s a lion.

The husky looks more like a wolf wearing leg warmers. Thanks a lot, master! Now he’ll have a heck of a time being top dog in front of his pack.

That mohawk is so cool. It just makes you want to grab a guitar, don a metal spike collar and a pair of leather bracelets, and then rock and roll.

Poor thing! It looks like someone grabbed another dog’s head and transplanted it onto a different body.

This Collie is looking a little less adorable, but a lot fiercer with this new hairdo. He’s sporting a lion’s mane, but can he roar like one? Something tells us that this pooch isn’t too thrilled with the haircut.

It looks like the owner decided to try grooming the dog himself. Then the electric shaver got away from him. Good thing he decided to quit while he was ahead. Don’t worry, pooch! The hair will grow back eventually.

The grooming is so uneven that it looks like a cross between a ticked off Gremlin, and a dog that’s been totally possessed. Quick! Someone call an exorcist.

With all of his facial hair trimmed and his head shaved, this pooch looks like it’s undergone a serious head shrinkage. But that’s what you get when you can only afford a partial grooming regimen for your dog.

This ginger dog looks so seriously depressed, but then again, who wouldn’t be if only have their body had been shaved off. Poor pooch looks like he got into a fight with a lawnmower and lost all his hair on one side.

Whatever they did, they didn’t do much for this dog, except maybe add two mini scrunchies so that it looked like a giant walking duster with piggy tails.

Why would anyone leave the head, bottom legs, and tail unshaved, but take everything else off? This dog feels completely exposed now. Don’t even think about taking him out for a walk until his hair starts growing back.

Turning a hug dog into “The Cowardly Lion” is just not cool. But maybe this cut will help him stay a litter cooler in the hot summer temps.

What was supposed to be a full body mohawk ended up making this dog look like he was a member of a totally different species. In fact, he looks more like a donkey than he does a dog.

It was a great solution to avoid clogging their vacuum cleaner with hairballs, but they apparently neglected to do its head. Now they’ve got a mostly hairless dog, and clumps of hair all over the carpet and couch.

Somehow, it doesn’t seem like the dog is too happy about the look. Maybe it’s the fact that he also has bangs that looks like someone put a mop over his head.

It turns out that dogs get comb-over too. But like their human counterparts, they’re not too happy about it, especially if it draws more attention to their chrome dome. Yup! They definitely need to try a different look.

They’ve decided to shave most of his body hair, but left some of his facial and ear hair intact. Now he’s got what looks like a hair ridge in the middle of his forehead like a Klingon from “Star Trek.” But at least the dog is smiling.

With its big eyes it seems to be saying, “I don’t know about this, you guys!” Maybe they could have tried something else other than this headdress that makes him look like he’s got a hairy unicorn horn sticking out.

The owners will have to make do with an intimidating bark, because that’s all you’ll get from this pooch, who’s still fun loving, and going after your flesh for turning him into Simba, the Lion King. Yeah, that’s right! Run!

This little dog was drastically transformed when the pet groomers gave him a mohawk and a beard. But instead of looking silly, the pooch ended up looking ten times more adorable than he probably was before.

The new haircut makes this dog look like it has been rebuilt from different doggy body parts. There’s the head that doesn’t seem to match the hairless body, the hairy legs look like they belong to a goat, and we won’t even talk about his tail, which looks like a duster.

He’s got a thick fringe on his head, which makes it difficult to even see his eyes. So, if it looks like he’s asking, “You looking at me?” He’s just asking because he really can’t see anything in front of him, and that’s a good thing, given his body trim.

There aren’t too many dogs that would just stand there and allow someone to create multiple ponytails using different hairbands. It looks cute, but bathing her is probably going to be a real challenge with those hairbands on.

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