Huge Guy Picks A Fight With The Wrong Girl… OUCH That Looks Sore!

Huge Guy Picks A Fight With The Wrong Girl… OUCH That Looks Sore! December 9, 2018

There is always that one guy or gal that no matter how much fun everyone is having, is bound to start a fight. Whether the disagreement is trivial or significant, it’s irrelevant as long as everyone knows not to mess with you. And as we all know, bars are the perfect place to start a brawl. Usually all you need is a call to the police to break up a fight and send everyone home. Or someone gets punched and knocked down before anyone has time to call out for help. Still, there are ways to stop two grown adults from getting into a physical altercation; walk away, leave the location immediately, apologize, or learn to grow up and act like a civilized person. When all these options fail, you may want to consider wrapping your legs tightly against your opponent, until he gives up.This may have been to show off his ab muscles to his possible opponents.

Without forgetting his shirt, of course.

It appeared that the altercation for the most part had dispersed.

But the shirtless man was not having it.

Notice the size difference?

Like a ninja she rapidly wrapped her legs around his neck.

But his muscular arms just couldn’t compete with her powerful legs.

It’s not until she has him paralyzed that others decide to step in and pull him off of her.

->**This is how you take someone down like a boss!**<-