Woman Proposes To Boyfriend In Public And It Goes Horribly Wrong.

Woman Proposes To Boyfriend In Public And It Goes Horribly Wrong. August 16, 2019

The thing with videos and photos posted on social media is that you never really know the full story. A few minutes from a clip or an image is open to interpretation, leaving many assumptions about a particular situation. Hence, the “taking out of context” excuse is often used. Although some pics and clips are more straightforward than others.Initially, it appeared as a woman reversing the gender roles. She got down on one knee.

She asked her boyfriend to marry her. This is while the street is busy with people waiting for their bus, walking towards where they need to go.

She asks him repeatedly for his hand in marriage. He tries to take her hand. This may not have been the most romantic spot.

Or perhaps the location where they first kissed. His goal is to get out of there promptly. He quietly asks her to leave with him.

She wants to know if he loves her. He quietly says yes but he grows frustrated with her. But she persists and asks him again.

“I chose you,” she screams. This doesn’t help him feel any more comfortable in this situation. The romantic setting is an epic failure.

“Marry me,” she demands. Instead, he begins to gather their things from the ground. She refuses to move.

She wants an answer immediately. And the only answer she wants is for him to accept her proposal.

“Do you want to marry me?” she pushes further. “Yes or no?” Most women would have walked away the moment he hesitated.

But his answers doesn’t appear sincere enough for her. So she tells him, “tell me yes beautifully.” He tries to grab her hand and she continues to push the subject further.

The relationship also appears to be doomed. If he ever changes his mind to marry her, they will have to come up with a more romantic proposal story.

They are encouraging him to say yes. Others are simply trying to get to their destination.

She seems willing to go but then changes her mind. This time she just sits on the ground.

He leaves his girlfriend alone with an engagement ring in her hand. Some bystanders let out disappointing sighs after the man is seen leaving.

->**Turns out these two are already married. They are actors practicing their craft and nailing their performances in the process.**<-