20 New Ways To Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins.

20 New Ways To Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkins. October 18, 2019

There are smart new ways to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween and it doesn’t necessarily involve carving them every time. These unusual pumpkin decorating ideas are awesome, especially if you get the kids to help out. These nifty ideas are fun and allow everyone to express their imaginative side in artful ways no one imagined possible when it came to conventional Halloween pumpkins. These decorative suggestions will certainly blow the lid off the top of your head, but not necessarily your pumpkin, unless the idea suggests it. From decoupage, and hand-painting, to carving, these ideas are so much fun that they’re ripe for the pumpkin patch picking.Cut the insides, and get rid of Jack’s guts. Then find a constellation that you really like. It could be your own zodiac sign. Then drill the holes, paint your Jack black, and stick a light in and voila! You’ve got yourself an astrological pumpkin for Halloween.

Just paint your pumpkin white, use a glitter pen and write a positive message. But don’t forget to remove the top off and add something beautiful that says fall is here like some pretty flowers.

Instead of carving a face, use small and medium drill bits to Swiss Cheese your pumpkin. Just make sure to cut the top and remove the guts out first or it’ll start oozing its guts out and make the trypophobe in your family freak.

There’s no room this Halloween for any tricks with a plate of delicious treats sitting on a plate on top. But to do this, you’ll need to remove the stump first.

Carve the inside out and make a lycan diorama with twigs for trees and rocks and shrubs that you can get from your backyard. You can also carve the crescent moon in the distance. Then, you just need a toy wolf to turn your pumpkin into a real Teen Wolf.

Scoop out the pulp and seeds, trace the template of a sunflower and carve out the leaves and petals. You can also add different color twine or carve farm animals to give it that country living feel.

You can clear the guts outs of your pumpkins and then paint on a spooky dark tree. Make sure it’s super creepy. Then drill a bunch of stars and cut out a crescent moon. Then, all you need is a light to give your pillars that ethereal look.

Buy the most beautiful white pumpkin you can find and use a thin detail paintbrush to hand paint some lines to give it that rustic look. Just don’t forget the curved line where and paint the red stitches to give it that baseball look any sports fan will love.

After you’ve cleaned your pumpkin out, you can carve up to three sides of your pumpkin based on your favorite or random Scrabble tile. Then used some LED candles to really light up your game this Halloween.

Choose a large pumpkin to hollow and carve out. Just make sure that the eyes and nose are way up top and then carve out the big section, which will be its mouth. You can attach some black macrame strings to a metal ring, which will create a nice sling for Jack to sit on.

Carve some flames on a number of pumpkins and stack them up from small to large in your fireplace and add some LED light to give your home interior a warm and fiery look this Halloween.

Trace your family on a piece of black construction paper and cut the profile out. Then glue the silhouette on white paper circles and frame it in black doilies. Then glue your masterpiece into a white pumpkin for a classic yet eerie new look.

Coat your pumpkin with chalkboard spray-paint. Yes, it’s a thing. Then use a white chalk marker to add a spooky phrase or draw a spider and some webbing. It’ll really squash all other Halloween decorations in the neighborhood.

Clean and carve your pumpkin the way you would when making a Jack O’ Lantern. But instead of a candle or an LED light, stick a plant base inside. Just make sure that the plant is large enough to give Jack a spiked up punk hairdo or hair as long as Rapunzel’s.

Carve some zigzags on the top, as well as some eyes and a mouth. Then turn the pumpkin upside down and you’ve got ghosts that would even scare Casper.

Hollow a pumpkin out, paint it blueish-gray, and use a belt buckle for the door and windows, and two smaller pumpkins for the wheels, and you’ve got yourself a Cinderella pumpkin that’ll look good even if the clock strikes 12.

You don’t need to carve all the way through the pumpkin to decorate. You just need to have a cool seasonal leaf pattern in mind to create the ultimate carving. Just make sure that your cuts are shallow.

You’ll need a large, cylindrical pumpkin for the skeletal arm and a smaller pumpkin which you’ll use in combination to carve the bony hand. But scoop the insides out first. Then add an LED light and place them outside so they look like skeletons are rising from their graves.

Scoop out the insides. Then draw the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin, and scoop out the eyeballs using a melon baller, then reattach the balls with a toothpick, but use seeds to make the pupil. Remember, the more eyes you make the creepier it’ll be.

Creating a spider using piper cleaner is easy. Carving a web design out of a white pumpkin, now that’s the killer. You better leave this one for the weekend when you actually have time to perfectly cut out every tiny hole, but it’ll be worth it just to spook your neighbors and friends out.