Watch This Drumming Puppet SHRED His Way Through Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer.’

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Ricky Syers is a musician and marionette puppeteer who loves to entertain the young and old in New York City. His newest puppet is a mini creation of himself named Chops; dressed in overalls, long beard, and a red bandana. Syers usually sticks to basic props like a cane or a bottle for his marionettes but for his latest toy he went all out. Chops was initially designed for a music video so it was appropriate to give him drums made out of aluminum cans, drum sticks, and a wooden crate as the seat. You need to watch this video going viral of Chops drumming to the Canadian rock band Rush and their “Tom Sawyer” 1981 hit. Chops definitely has a future in show business. We are hoping Syers creates more rock musician marionettes to make a whole band to accompany Chops.