Daughter Gives Her Grieving Dad A Reason To Smile Again.

Daughter Gives Her Grieving Dad A Reason To Smile Again. April 1, 2021

Losing a pet is never easy. They become a part of the family, and we tend to love them as if they were our own children. But sadly, things happen beyond our control. Our pets get sick, or they run into oncoming traffic and just like that they’re gone. But when they leave this world, they take a piece of our hearts with them. Yvonne Gutierrez understood this all too well and so did her dad. But she found a way to bring happiness back into her dad’s life with a new addition, and his reaction was adorbs!Pets can enrich our lives, but losing them can be so painful. Just ask Yvonne, who posted a video on Twitter that had netizens in tears. But it’s not simply because of the way her family coped with the loss, but with the way she fixed the hole in her dad’s heart.

Yvonne knew she needed to help her dad heal, so one day, someone recorded her as her dad sat in his pickup truck. Then she handed him a black and tan puppy, which pleasantly shocked this kind-hearted guy.

His face sort of crumpled and then he put his hand over his eyes. He was emotionally overwhelmed when he realized that his daughter got him the puppy to make up for the loss of the pet they had lost.

Meanwhile, you could hear Yvonne’s mom in the video as she tried to comfort her husband. It was a very emotional moment for everyone. The puppy was so cute too. Sensing his new owner was crying, it licked the dad’s face.

**This may be one of the cutest first meetings ever caught on video between a new owner and his pet.** We’re so glad that Yvonne posted the video on Twitter. To date, it has received 988,171 likes and 188,134 retweets. It’s safe to say that Yvonne won the Best Daughter of the Year award with this thoughtful gift.

My dad has been really depressed ever since our family dog passed away and today I surprised him with a new puppy ?? pic.twitter.com/1djg0FGMVf — lil bon bon (aka yvonne the bird tweet tweet) (@yvonnethebird12) March 25, 2019

Yvonne knew that people would want an update after the video, so she snapped a photo of her dad taking a nap on the couch with the puppy. Judging from the photo, it’s safe to say that these two are like two peas in a pod.

Like netizen June Terry wrote, you can’t really replace something that’s been lost, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to fill that void with something pawsitive and adorbs like this new puppy clearly is. If this proved anything it’s that we need pets in our lives.