Puppy’s Reaction To Mufasa’s Death In “The Lion King” Is The Sweetest Thing Ever.

Puppy’s Reaction To Mufasa’s Death In “The Lion King” Is The Sweetest Thing Ever. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

We all have that one movie that has the ability to bring us to tears. No matter how many times we’ve watched it, you can still catch us blubbering into the popcorn anytime it’s on. You might be thinking that humans are the only ones who are affected by movies in this way, but you’d be totally wrong. Check out this dog’s adorable reaction to a classic Disney favorite.In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Josh Myers was watching the Disney classic “The Lion King” with his girlfriend. It wasn’t long before he noticed something strange happening with Luna.

When Josh and his girlfriend started watching the movie Luna was happily playing with her toys. But all of that changed when Luna’s attention was focused on Mufasa’s infamous death scene.

Josh couldn’t believe that Luna was acting that way, so he started to record her. Just as soon as Simba attempted to wake up his dad, Luna started to get physically excited. Her behavior could even be described as distressed. Concerned that Simba needed her help, she began to cry for him as he tried to wake up his dad

Touched by his emotional dog, Josh uploaded the video to Facebook, saying: “To see her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen.” He continued by saying “She even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad. We don’t deserve dogs.”

“Omg this is the greatest thing…soooo sweet and so sad! That baby!!! So smart!” said one commenter. We have to admit, this is definitely sweet. And we really can’t blame her for crying about it, either.

Josh made sure that he reassured fans that Luna was okay after her emotional display. “She got tons of hugs and kisses after this scene and is much more emotionally stable now,” he commented on Facebook.

**Check out this adorable, heartwarming video of Luna feeling sympathy for little Simba as he lost his dad. You better make sure to grab the tissues, though, because this one might be a tearjerker.**

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