Sisters Both Birth Twins On Same Day, Then Family Finds Out Their Elaborate Scheme.

Sisters Both Birth Twins On Same Day, Then Family Finds Out Their Elaborate Scheme. December 31, 2020

Many young women spend their entire lives dreaming of the day when they can hold their child in their arms.

In fact, some women wish to do nothing but raise their children. Sadly, it’s not exactly easy for some women to conceive children naturally, which leads them to try other ways to conceive a child.

She had been trying to have a baby for years, and now, she was in the hospital waiting to give birth at the same time as her sister.

They couldn’t believe what was about to happen: they were about to give birth to twins at the same time. But what everyone didn’t realize was that these sisters had planned everything out.

With the help of extremely expensive fertility treatments, Annie and Joby Johnson had spent more than five years trying to conceive a child, but they were close to giving up hope.

They were optimistic after the first round of treatments and they awaited the call that would bring them good news. Unfortunately, they did indeed receive a phone call, but it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

Annie and her sister, Chrissy, have been like two peas in a pod since the day they were born. Annie wasn’t handling not being able to get pregnant very well, so she looked to her family for emotional support.

They had no problem being there for her and stood by her side through every failed treatment. But Annie was still waiting for the phone call that would change her life.

“In 2008 we tried, in 2009 also; in 2010 was the in-vitro, and on paper, everything looked great, but we got the phone call with the bad news that I was not pregnant after that round, and that was the hardest call ever to receive,” said Annie in an interview.

She couldn’t deal with any more bad news, so she decided that if she wasn’t getting pregnant, then she wasn’t meant to be a mom. She was terribly wrong.

Women that struggle becoming pregnant tend to become extremely depressed.

Some women feel that they’re “broken” because they’re not able to do what they were “made to do,” and other women feel like they’re missing something in their lives. Annie was heartbroken, but luckily, things would be looking up very soon.

Annie was heartbroken. She had wanted a family her whole life and now she wasn’t able to conceive a child.

Chrissy made Annie a proposition when the in vitro cycle failed. “If there was just anything I could do to help, you know, I would do it,” said Chrissy. But Annie couldn’t ask Chrissy for that kind of commitment, could she?

Chrissy had her own family. She was the mother to two incredible boys and she had a husband who loved her. Both of her pregnancies went well, so it was obvious that she was able to successfully carry a child.

It was sad that her sister wasn’t able to do the same. During an interview with Daily Mail UK, Chrissy explained that no should have to go through that, especially her own sister. What were these devoted sisters planning?

At the last moment, Annie decided to try one more time. A doctor placed two embryos inside of Annie to see if it would work this time. Luckily, it did.

And come to find out, Chrissy had become pregnant, as well. The sisters couldn’t believe their luck. It was truly a dream come true, but it was such an uncanny coincidence!

It was the day of their ultrasounds and the sisters received shocking news from the doctor.

“They found one in me and then they moved over and saw another little sac with another flickering heartbeat, and we knew that we still had Chrissy left to go.” As it turns out, both of the sisters were pregnant with twins!

What a mind-blowing experience.

Not only did Annie find out that she was having twins after five years of trying, but her sister was having twins, as well. Things couldn’t get any weirder for these sisters, or could they?

Since Chrissy had been through the experience twice before, she allowed Annie to take all of the attention. Annie had been trying for five years and finally, she was pregnant.

It truly was a special moment. But that’s not necessarily the craziest thing that happened to these sisters. A few days later, Chrissy went into labor and the secret that the sisters were carrying was about to be revealed.

Chrissy went into labor and was more than excited to see her two bundles of joy.

As the doctor held the baby for Chrissy to see, tears rolled down her face. Her family was growing rapidly and she couldn’t control her emotions any longer.

Annie stayed by Chrissy’s side the entire time she was in the hospital.

But after Chrissy had safely delivered her babies, Annie began to feel something inside of her. She figured that it was just her nerves because the day was so exciting, but she would soon find out that what she was feeling wasn’t nerves at all.

Could it be possible that these sisters were going to give birth to two sets of twins on the same day.

Surely these pains were just a bit of excitement, or were they. These sisters were about to have an extremely bizarre day!

While she sat by, waiting for her sister to recover, Annie began to feel sharp pains, causing her to jump up from her seat.

“This can’t be happening,” Annie thought as she went to get the attention of the doctor. In a strange turn of events, Annie was in labor, as well!

On the very same day, these loving sisters both gave birth to twins.

Oddly enough, Chrissy had given birth to two healthy boys, and Annie had two beautiful little girls. The world received four beautiful children that day, but when it came to visiting hours, the sister’s dad had some questions.

Once Annie had experienced another round of failed in vitro, Chrissy came up with a plan.

She wanted to be Annie’s surrogate if she wanted to give it another try. Annie couldn’t believe what her sister was offering, but after some deliberation, Annie and Joby accepted Chrissy’s offer.

Chrissy tagged along with Annie when she went to the doctor to have the two embryos implanted.

Annie was apparently on her cycle at the same time, so the doctor placed two embryos in Annie, as well. The sisters didn’t think their plan was going to work, so they decided not to tell anyone.

The day that the sisters went into labor, they both knew that all four of the babies were Annie’s.

But she was so overwhelmed with emotion that she couldn’t keep it quiet any longer. “Trying to get at least one baby, we are just so excited to take all four of them home and they’re all healthy,” said Annie in an interview with the Daily Mail UK.

Annie was looking forward to having a baby for so long that she never imagined bringing home four of them, but she was completely overjoyed.

Chrissy recalls what she had told Annie the day that she offered to be her surrogate: “I didn’t know if I could even be a surrogate or care for the baby but I did some research and found out I would be able to do so, and put it out there just as a consideration for the future, if it ended up that Annie was not able to carry a baby then that is what was preventing them from having a child then I would do that for them”.

When Joby, the father of all of the babies, found out about Chrissy’s offer, he couldn’t believe how fortunate they were.

“I remember saying the day when Dr. Williams told us that we have a possibility of having two twin pregnancies, we said: ‘Dr, we are ready for a new problem, we have not been able to get pregnant for 5 plus years, if that is the outcome of this, if two twin pregnancies means quadruplets then bring it on,'” said Joby.

All four of the infants, named Tommy, Gracie, Haddie, and Charlie, were as healthy as they could be.

All of these precious lives are going to have a blast growing up. One day, Annie and Joby will tell them about how they were brought into the world but until then…

They will enjoy being parents to their children for the rest of their lives.

Just when they were about to give up, Annie and Joby were blessed with a positive in vitro cycle. This unique family couldn’t have a more unimaginable story!

What started out as a discouraging time, turned into a cause for celebration.

They may have only been trying to have one baby, but they got four, instead. They sure do have their grateful hands full!