22 Quirky Gifts You Don’t Need, But Will Definitely Want.

22 Quirky Gifts You Don’t Need, But Will Definitely Want. October 20, 2018

Christmas is just a few months away. I know what you’re thinking. *How did this happen again?* The holidays know how to sneak up on you. Some people seem to like the mall around this time of year. Maybe they like the crowds, the bustle, the music, or the decorations but not everyone can handle it. It’s a good thing we have the Internet. You can shop for gifts from the comfort of your own home (and to your own playlist). It might still be too early for those of us who just love to procrastinate but it’s always a good idea to start browsing. That way, if you’re undecided you don’t have to rush. There are some people who only want what they need and others that loved to be spoiled. Below we’ve selected some quirky gifts for those equally quirky people in your life, the people that will appreciate a thoughtful and creative gesture. Be careful while browsing. You might be tempted to make some purchases for yourself (but we wouldn’t blame you if you did).Each of these exquisite cloud lights are sculpted by hand from natural botanical fiber. This is perfect for a nursery, playroom, or quirky office. You’ll be dreaming for days.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to dream on a bed of toast? Wonder no more. With these fluffy toast cushions, there’s no heating required. Your body (and maybe a blanket) will do the trick. It’s perfect for the playroom.

Cotton candy is perfect as is. It’s nostalgia in a bag. If you know someone that needs some cheering up, prescribe them with a bag or two of these. It’s described as ‘100% Magical, 100% Majestic, and 100% Mythical.’

If you’re from Southern California, summer is never really over. Time to bust out that pink donut beach towel. It’ll brighten up your day and any photo shoot.

Love animals but not a fan of taxidermy? Why not try out paper taxidermy? The artist calls this panda Claire. This bear ‘likes MMA, cocktail parties, and trading stock options’ Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Just because tissues are a necessity doesn’t mean they can’t be exciting. Ken Sobel’s cleverly designed rocket dispenser will make get you in the mood to blow your nose.

Having a party? Don’t forget the tacos! Don’t have a taco truck nearby? Well, now you do. If you’ve got some messy eaters, you can purchase multiple ones so that everyone has their own truck.

Imagine your little one in this dreamy bed. While you get some rest, the moon will safely watch over them with love.

Not all coasters were created equal. These propeller coasters will blend in nicely with your living room or kitchen, especially those with wooden, warm themes.

Showers are heavenly as is, imagine throwing a T-rex in the mix. You’ll be starting your day with a roar! Designer Jonathan Schwartz offers this fun piece in a variety of colors.

Looking for an elegant, luminous accent for your writing desk? Made in the Netherlands, the Dandelight is a combination of nature and technology that will bring summer and optimism to you on even the coldest and darkest days.

Need an extra bed but don’t want it to cramp your style? Get this space saving rollaway bed. Made of pine and birch plywood, it was designed to fit two mattresses side by side. When you’re not using it, you can store the mattresses in the rear box.

These mugs were designed by Eliza Todd, a mixed media artist and graphic designer based in Chicago. You’ll adore the clever coffee descriptors. There’s also a tea mug set available if you prefer.

Are your kids a bit sluggish in the morning? Maybe a monster can help wake them from their slumber.

Perhaps your mini me wants to be an astronaut. It might be too early to let them soar into space but these ice cream sandwiches will give them a taste of what it’s like to be an astronaut. They’re part of a selection of freeze dried food and have a shelf life of three years!

Bacon and eggs shaped like a kitty? Don’t be surprised if your kids start inviting their friends over for breakfast. There are frog and skull designs, too.

You might not be an artisan when it comes to lunch prep but you can still make it fun. Greet your loved ones with funny faces, even when you’re apart.

If someone in your house is still afraid of the dark, a moonlit wall might help them feel better. You’re looking at a real photograph of the moon from Nantes in West France. The light is dim enough so that they can still fall asleep.

This year, celebrate the holidays with the environment in mind. Customers raved about these solar lights on Amazon. One commented, ‘These are so pretty. They look just like beautiful glowing raindrops.’

Have a budding paleontologist in the house? Surprise them with this dinosaur lamp. Ross Geller will be shaking with envy.

If you’re a fan of shrimp, why not become one? Leave it up to Japan to design something funny and useful like this. From far away, you’ll look kind of like a mermaid.

Made with 100 percent real dried flowers from California, this phone case is simple and special. No one else will have the same one. Even in the dead of winter, you can feel spring and summer at your fingertips.