Quirky High Maintenance Cat Seeks A Permanent Home.

Quirky High Maintenance Cat Seeks A Permanent Home. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It goes without saying that all cats are in need of some love from a family that they can call their very own. They all deserve to be in a home with a family that adores them and will provide them with all of the care that they need. This cat is no exception to that rule. When this cat was dropped off at the shelter, volunteers couldn’t believe that he wasn’t wanted, especially considering how unique and funny he was.He was brought to the Wright Way Rescue Shelter in Morton Grove, Illinois four months ago. “Sadly, he was not meshing well with the kids in the home. That doesn’t come as a big surprise, given that he is very overweight and could not swiftly run away when he needed a break from the commotion,” said the shelter employee, Jacoby Andrick.

As cute as he is, Bruno definitely needs to lose a little bit of weight. “We are currently taking it one pound at a time. We believe his weight is a result of being over loved. But he needs a family who loves him enough to guide him into better health,” said Jacoby.

Once Bruno got to the foster home, his foster mother realized what a quirky guy Bruno was. “He likes to sit up on his back feet and beg for food. Sometimes he stands on his back legs for 20 minutes at a time. It’s quite entertaining,” explained Jacoby.

“He is not entirely a lap cat but loves to snuggle next to people. Strangely enough, he also prefers to be pet while eating,” explained Jacoby. Bruno prefers to have fresh water and he has no problem engaging in conversations with those that are willing to talk to him.

“A home without little kids would be best. He also needs someone who will play with him and keep him active,” said Jacoby.

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