23 Cool Tech Gadgets You’ll Want For Yourself For Christmas.

23 Cool Tech Gadgets You’ll Want For Yourself For Christmas. December 20, 2020

Life doesn’t have to be ugly, at least, not when you have a ton of quirky gadgets to make things easier. Inventors are always coming up with new ways to make life a little less complicated. Often times, their goal is to improve the quality of life through simple and complex gadgetry. So, are you the kind of person who likes to stay on top of the latest technologies? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift to give someone for the holidays. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at these must-have gadgets. They’re clever and handy.Insert the scented pod of your choice into the Sensorwake. You have several options to choose from like flowers, money, pancakes, and coffee. You have to admit, it’s a lot more pleasant than waking up startled.

The Oombrella is like your personal weatherperson. It’s able to predict the forecast and alert you when it’s going to rain. But it doesn’t just keep you dry when it’s rainy. It also keeps your skin safe from UV rays when it’s sunny.

This tiny robot detects expressions and emotions, so you’ll know if one of your friends is being sincere or if they’re totally shady. If that wasn’t cool enough, the Hubble Hugo can detect an unfamiliar face and alert you of a break-in.

No one likes folding laundry, it’s why the FoldiMate is a lifesaver. It does all the folding for you. All you have to do is indicate what garment you’re sticking in and it will steam, perfume and fold your clothes perfectly.

Do you hate brushing your teeth? Maybe you have a disability that prevents you from brushing. If that’s the case, then stick the Unico mouth guard around your teeth. In seconds, the bristles will rotate and work their magic.

As you know, there aren’t a lot of places you can plug and charge your electronic devices in at the beach. Fortunately, this swimsuit comes equipped with a bunch of solar panels to keep your Smartphone, tablet, or iPad running.

The glasses contain high-depth, high-speed cameras that relay the images it picks up directly to the wearer in real time. That way, the legally blind person can take a better look at the world on two OLED screens.

It looks like a huge Nintendo game controller and it connects to your laptop and most game consoles available these days. It also comes with a series of detachable legs, which make it so much easier to move to another room.

Ember technology keeps your tea or coffee at the temperature you want, and it will keep it like that until you’ve finished every last drop. So, you’ll never have to worry about burnt lips, or cold drinks that are too gross ever again.

Imagine how cool this device would be when you’re hiding in the bathroom stall talking to your bae about how much you despise your job. You never have to worry about anyone ratting you out because this device prevents others from hearing your convo.

It’s an app that tells you how much UV your skin has been exposed to, so you’ll know when you need to stay in the shade. It also suggests the SPF number you should put on your skin based on the level of UVs that day.

It uses microphone technology to listen to the sound your hair makes when you brush it. Then it tells you if your hair is oily or dry on your smartphone. If that wasn’t cool enough, it also helps you detangle your hair, too.

Warning indicator lights are about as reliable as a mechanic. But FIXD plugs into your Onboard Diagnostics port and runs a diagnostic the moment your check engine light flickers on. Then it tells you exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle.

The Glyph is a visor that lets you watch movies, TV shows, and even internet clips privately. Hopefully, it’s not as expensive as an actual 60-inch TV because this gadget sounds like every movie fan’s dream come true.

It’s not just a simple cloth. It detects air pollution like pollen and filters 99% of it out. It also recommends travel routes that offer less pollution, so you never have to worry about allergies again. But do take it off when you go to the bank.

The Smart Dog Collar uses heat/light sensors, a microphone, magnetometer, gyroscope and an accelerometer to monitor what your dog is doing like eating, drinking, breathing and sleeping. It can even detect your pooch’s stress levels.

The TrackR can be used on dogs and cats. But it can also get placed on your keys, backpack, wallet, phone, and car. Then you can use an app on your smartphone to track your lost items before they’re gone for good.

The micro-fibers in the towels contain silver, which eliminates up to 99% of bacteria. It’s perfect for those of you who have a teenager in the house, because it can reduce the risk of acne when they dry their faces with it.

Just scan the barcode of each item you’re going to throw out and it’ll tell you which container it needs to go in for recycling. The scanner also tells you what nutrients you’re ingesting on a recently bought item, and can even make your grocery list, too.

It folds into a backpack when you’re done. But when you need it, just wave it around and it inflates on its own. No pump or lungs required. You can take it to a park or use it at the beach. It’s that simple to use.

The Upright can track your posture, but it also reminds you to sit or stand up straight when it detects that you’re starting to slouch. Imagine how much more confident you’ll look once you’ve mastered the art of good back posture.

When you’re at a rally, or an outdoor concert, you don’t always have the luxury of finding a place to sit. But the Sitpack ZEN lets you perch your caboose anywhere and you can remain in a standing position too.