25 Interesting Ways To Tell Your Boss That You Quit.

25 Interesting Ways To Tell Your Boss That You Quit. April 5, 2020

If you work a 9 to 5 job, you know how tiring it can be. Your co-workers drive you crazy. Your boss is not qualified to lead a dog, let alone a person. And you work so much overtime that you don’t know the last time you were outside during daylight hours. Eventually, people just get to the point where they’re done with their job and decide to quit. Here’s a list of people that were fed-up and decided to let their employers know exactly how they felt.Even if it’s only to say that you’re quitting.

And we’re pretty sure he will be changing his own sign now.

At least he showed his company what he was going to be doing with all of his free time.

How can he expect his employees to be on time, when he can’t even get to work when he’s supposed to?

Your entire staff abandons you and tells the world how mean you are.

Hopefully, he sat back and watched them turn every single one of them upright.

Sounds like it’s time to call the Better Business Bureau.

Maybe changing the signs is why he got fired in the first place.

Short, sweet, and to the point. What else could an HR department want?

He left a huge mess for her to clean up.

Hopefully, they didn’t put anything gross in those cakes.

Give your two weeks notice to them in a card full of condolences.

It would be even funnier if they flushed it down the toilet, too.

But where did he learn the skills of the Jedi?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard that Walmart isn’t the nicest to their employees.

He better make sure he returns the stapler, though. People go nuts about that.

Or maybe, a shopper brought it to their attention first.

Hopefully, it didn’t take too long for HR to catch it.

He didn’t sugar coat that whatsoever. Honesty truly is always the best policy.

Especially not, ‘can you give me a reference?’

Corporate should probably change their ways if they don’t want more notes like this.

Not sure what they did to deserve it, but they’re going to be upset when they get there.

And he’s right, he probably submitted the first ever Van Halen resignation!

He should have no problem getting a good recommendation with a resignation like this.

But he definitely got his point across.