Daredevil Raccoon’s Skyscraper Climb Had Everyone On The Edge Of Their Seats.

Daredevil Raccoon’s Skyscraper Climb Had Everyone On The Edge Of Their Seats. June 14, 2020

There are people out there who consider themselves to be adrenaline junkies. They have no problem jumping out of airplanes or parkouring off of skyscrapers. This has become a pretty normal lifestyle choice and those of us that don’t enjoy that kind of thing like to sit back and watch, hoping that they don’t kill themselves. But what this raccoon did is something we’ve never seen before and it had the entire Internet watching in suspense.The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and people were on their way to work. It started out as a perfectly normal day. No one expected that by the day’s end they would be rooting for the safety of a raccoon.

You see, he had been training for awhile in the woods, climbing up the tallest trees he could find, but he just wasn’t being challenged enough. So he decided to head to the city to climb the biggest building he could find.

All of a sudden, people from down below began to watch his ascent. He wasn’t expecting attention from the humans. They typically just ignored him, or chased him away with a broom.

They began to gather outside, holding their breaths as he continued to climb. The raccoon never would have thought that humans would take the time out of their day to watch him. He always figured that they just liked to watch the cats, his arch nemeses.

His story was all over social media, claiming the hashtag #mprraccoon. Now the raccoon really needed to give them a show. He couldn’t disappoint his fans.

He had done this a thousand times by now and he was ready for it. Imagine the excitement those humans would feel when he made it to the top. Mr. Raccoon was fueled by the humans attention and was motivated to make it.

He knew that if he didn’t rest he wouldn’t make it to the top and he would disappoint all of his new fans. As much as he wanted to keep going, the raccoon decided to take a little nap.

So he decided to ask one of the humans if they had any food to spare. Unfortunately, the windows on this building didn’t open, so they couldn’t give him anything.

The raccoon assumed that they underestimated his incredible climbing skills, so he decided to have a chat with the man at the window.

The raccoon explained that he had been training for this moment for his whole life and the humans had nothing to worry about. He was determined to make it to the top safely.

Once again, the Internet was going crazy. After his nap, they weren’t even sure if he was okay, let alone ready to keep climbing. He would be the talk of the forest this time. The other furry critters wouldn’t make fun of him ever again.

He thrived in the darkness of the night. He continued to climb higher and higher. The Internet held their breath, afraid that he would fall to his death.

After spending many hours scaling the building, he finally made it over the top onto the roof. The Internet roared with applause and praise for the little climber. As they all cheered for him, the raccoon breathed a sigh of relief, proud that he stuck with it and did what he set out to do. Way to go Mr. Raccoon! Your friends and family should be proud!