Street Fight Video Shows Why You Never Mess With A Big Girl.

Street Fight Video Shows Why You Never Mess With A Big Girl. June 17, 2019

YouTube is a place to go to find just about anything you are looking for. Some people post instructional videos, music, product reviews, make-up tips, and some post real life fights like the one you’re about to see here. It looks like it was filmed in a residential neighborhood and a large black woman is taking on 3-4 girls. There isn’t a description to let us know why they are attacking her so we really don’t know much.She picks a girl up and throws her down like a rag doll.

But the big woman picks her up and prepares to throw her.

The girl in the pink pants is no match for her. She picks her up and tosses her.

The enormous woman could have done way worse like sit on her.

She slams her to the ground and then proceeds to grab her hair and punch her.

It was uploaded on June 15, 2017 and has already been viewed 6,825 times in just 2 days.

But she doesn’t have chance. She might be angry but she’s no match for the big woman. The big woman is a heavy weight. These little girls wouldn’t even be considered featherweights.

Loud screams and some bystander’s laughter can be heard from the video. So much violence in such a short video.

Only this is for real and people are really getting hurt. It’s hard to believe someone is filming this and not calling for help.

Can’t you see her now in some tight spandex wrestling outfit? We make light of the situation but truthfully it’s really horrifying. It’s never a good idea to hit someone no matter what they’ve done. It’s always best to walk away.

Looks like she got a little winded at the end. That would’ve been her weakness if she was in the ring. A seasoned fighter would’ve see that and danced around her a little bit to get her good and tired before taking any swings.

**Check out the video and tell us what you think? Could she be the next wrestling star?**