Random Objects That Mysteriously Appeared In The Weirdest Places.

Random Objects That Mysteriously Appeared In The Weirdest Places. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Things have gone missing without explanation throughout history, like Amelia Earhart, or Flight 19, a team of five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle in 1945. After all, natural calamities and unexplained phenomenon can lead to some major disappearances. But rarely do we talk about things that unusually appear suddenly, without any kind of warning whatsoever. Of course, there are some things that have remained hidden due to natural erosion, which can reappear after a change in weather or a natural disaster. But there are other things that have simply appeared out of thin air. So here’s a list of some of those things and they’re as interesting as they are unusual too.The weird thing was that no one could figure out where they came from, how they got there, or who owned them. Did a UFO simply beam a bunch of sheep down to Earth after they were done experimenting with them? To make things more eerie, the sheep vanished a day after they reappeared, leaving authorities totally dumbfounded.

On November 2007, Charles and Linda Everson were traveling down Manson Highway in Washington State when a 600 pound cow dropped out of the sky and onto the hood of their minivan. Fortunately the couple wasn’t injured. The cow may have plummeted to its death from the top of a 200-foot cliff near the highway, but you never know.

Deputies were puzzled when they found this 100 pound, 8 ft. tall Lego figure just lying there. Apparently, he’s been on quite a journey around the world while wearing a shirt that says “No real than you are”. Authorities claim that the owners had 90 days to claim the life size Lego and bail him out. But ironically, no one but the owners were allowed to visit this Lego man in the slammer.

No one knows how it got there, but someone place the giant Pikachu statue made of fiberglass in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans on top of a fountain. It was also painted to look like brass and it instantly caught the attention of tourists before it donated to the Coliseum Square Association, who auctioned and sold it for $2000.

Actually, it was just one puppy and it dropped from the sky back in May of 2012. 7-year-old Taylor Callaway’s grandmother told him that “when God drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it.” So Taylor did. But some claim that it was a hawk that probably grabbed it with its talons to make him a meal and then accidentally dropped it.

The locals even feared that it was a gateway to hell, aka a Hellmouth when it appeared in a Siberian forest, outside of the town of Batagai. Ironically, it didn’t just appear out of nowhere, it’s also been growing for the last 25 years or so, and you can sometimes hear an unusual boom sound coming from it.

Since it snows in Nyda, Siberia, snow isn’t exactly a mystery. But when thousands of perfectly symmetrical snowballs appeared on the beach, locals were shocked. The snowballs covered 11 miles of the coastline back in November of 2016 and they ranged in size from a few inches to three feet.

On October 2016, two people were on the Manhattan Bridge unfolding a 20×40 foot banner of Russian leader Vladimir Putin with the words “Peacemaker” underneath. Although no one took responsibility for the banner, people were certainly confused by the meaning of the message.

Back in 2015, residents in Fairbanks, Alaska reported that they saw a bunch of hideous looking fishes dropping from the sky, and they looked more like eels or snakes. Well, actually they were lampreys, which have disk-like mouths with small sharp teeth, which they use to drain the blood and fluids of other fishes. Wildlife officials believed that seagulls initially picked them up and then dropped them.

It’s more like the outline of one that appeared on Google maps, and the tech giants don’t have a clue how it appeared in Hobson Bay in Auckland, New Zealand back in 2014. But what’s even weirder is the fact that there are no actual tracks that could have caused this anomalous cat to appear on Google Maps.

Texas Rangers were shocked to find clumps of long pink worms right between the yellow lines on the road. To add more of an element of mystery to the situation, biologists couldn’t figure out why the worms were spaced so well and in between the lines. All they know as the worms appeared shortly after the area experienced a major flood.

But a Mason & Hamlin grand piano isn’t one of them, and yet, that’s exactly what happened in May of 2014. The very expensive, and half-submerged piano was too heavy to have floated there. So how it got to shore is a mystery. Sadly the piano disintegrated after several weeks of exposure to the elements.

Well an eerie ghost city appeared in the clouds above the cities of Jiangxi and Foshan in China and thousands of people were witness to it. It actually appeared that a cityscape full of skyscrapers was poking out of the clouds. But scientists claim it’s a rare light-bending mirage called Fata Morgana that tricks into seeing things that actually aren’t there like a ghost city floating in the sky.

A group of artists created two small storefronts in the neighborhood of Mollevangen in the town of Malmo. The artists known as “Anonymouse MMX”, wanted to create the storefronts to give people the impression that mice live lives that are parallel to ours, but simply out of sight.

Hundreds upon hundreds of spangled perch bombarded the nearly 700 residents of the town of Lajamanu and it shocked the crap out of the locals. Oddly enough, they didn’t remain frightened for long. In fact, some started picking the fishes up, but we certainly wouldn’t want to eat anything that came from the sky unless we knew for sure how they got there.

At first, Robyn Yearout thought that it was just a harmless prank so she brushed it off. But then, more kept cropping up, many of which faced her front door and she began to worry that someone might be plotting against her. Although no explanation was found, Yearout assumed that the statues were stolen from other homes and to this day, she doesn’t know where they came from or who did it.

So the people of Tel Aviv were caught off guard when a life-size golden statue of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square in 2016. It was later discovered that Israeli artist Itay Zalait placed it there as a subversive artistic, political act that wound up garnering a lot of media attention.

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