Do You By Any Chance Have A Rare Coin?

Do You By Any Chance Have A Rare Coin? December 12, 2017

Most people don’t even care to handle coins these days. But if you start paying close attention to the coins you come in contact with you may be surprised by one of these rare beauties. Let’s take a look.Made from zinc-coated steel, this penny used during World War II. The extrinsic value is US$0.1 but it has US$1 million intrinsically.

Since it was made in only one decade ago, you might doubt its price but you can sell them up from US$100 for penny with higher position of leaf on the corn stalk.

Look at the head side of your 1995 penny. Feel like you see doubled? It’s not that you have problem of sight, but there are some of those penny with double die treatment.

‘In God We Rust’. Was it miss-typed? Maybe. But at least it can be sold for US$100.

The amount is half than a dollar, but this 90% silver-made coin worth US$275.

Among previous coins, it has the lower value: US$3 for one coin.

One of this quarter dollar can be sold for US$ 4 to US$9, but if you sell the rare pressed couple, it will worth for US$80.

Those coin without complete letter on their edges in common will have value up to US$75.

It was an error to make the coins without P above the date but the error gave these coins start from US$100 value.

A unique quarter error in New York series. It can worth US$400 and higher if it’s graded by PCGS or NGC.

Roosevelt recalled all gold coins in US in 1933. When it first made, it had only US$20 value but it recorded US$7 million for one coin in 2002.

Just like the 1943 penny, this steel Lincoln coins also have high value—up to US$110,000. It’s not really clear about what makes them be so expensive.

The rare 1922 penny has no mintmark—plain error coin—and it can be sold between US$700 to US$1000.

Apparently this is one of controversial coins that estimated to have value for US$40,000.

The value of a coin of these is estimated to be around US$3 million. This is really rare, there are only 5 in the worlds.

In 1834, no silver dollar had been printed for 3 decades. This penny is the only dollar coin to be bear in that period. Now, it can be sold for more than US$1 million.

There are 3 types in the series: no mintmark, Carson City (CC) mintmark, and San Francisco (S) mintmark. The S one can be sold start from US$1.7 million or US$1.9 million with certificate.

The face value is only half dollar but now the value is increasing to be US$31 without certificate. With MS+ certified? Thousands.

The rough estimation of its value is US$47,000. Around 1,758 pennies produced as the first dollar coin by government.

This worth US$100,000 for a penny even in the worst condition of it.

Another Gaudens coin. This one in average is valued for US$27,000, even up to US$1.2 million! They are considered to be the most valuable gold coins.

The series produced in the early period of 20th century. Now, this US$10 face valued coin can worth for US$13,000.

Issued in between 1836 to 1839, this one-dollar coin with Christian Gobrecht’s name on it now can be sold for US$11,000 for a coin.