Real-like Castles You Can Actually Stay In And Feel Like Royals

Real-like Castles You Can Actually Stay In And Feel Like Royals March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Staying in a castle is a bucket list experience. You might have fantasized about spending a night in a real castle or just have always wondered what it would be like to be royalty. Well, we have good news here because it is entirely possible. 

There are several castles across the world where you can stay overnight. These include both hotel-like lodgings and vacation rentals, both economical and worthwhile splurges all across the world. So dust off your royal robes, saddle up your horse, and prepare for an adventure to some of the world’s best castles.

This 800-year-old castle, which was formerly home to the Guinness family, is spectacular. It has been named not just one of the greatest hotels in Ireland, but also one of Europe’s top 50 resort resorts. It has also recently been designated as a Forbes five-star hotel, the only one in Ireland. The castle is set on 350 acres of landscaped grounds, with access to woodlands and woodland teeming with birds, all overlooking Lough Corrib, Ireland’s biggest lake. The castle has 83 rooms, suites, and the Hideaway Cottage, as well as restaurants, a health spa, shopping, and other amenities.

The Dalhousie Fortress, another 13th-century masterpiece, has seen its fair share of fights, glories, and empires – both the English and Scottish have taken and claimed ownership of the castle throughout history. The red stone castle is strategically located overlooking the River Esk. The earliest element of the existing edifice, an L Plan Castle, is the drum tower, which originates from the mid-15th century. The existing castle was built mostly in the 17th century. With beautiful banquet and event space and a great location in Edinburgh, it could be worth convincing your employer to book the next business retreat at the Dalhousie.

Talabgaon Castle, a magnificently renovated approximately 200-year-old fort with shimmering white walls, is located in India’s northern state of Rajasthan. The charming hotel has 15 rooms and nine suites, as well as a rooftop patio for morning tea, a pool with a bar, and gardens for dining and wandering. Every night, there’s live music and dancing, and don’t miss the jeep trips to adjacent Ranthambore National Park, where you can spot tigers and other animals, as well as camel safaris and horseback rides.

Imagine staying in a real French castle with a view of Mont Saint-Michel, only it’s not a dream. The Chateau de Chantore, which has two suites and three bedrooms, allows guests to sleep in an 18th-century castle built by the Lord of Chantore himself. The rooms are elaborate, with bright, patterned wallpaper and furniture reminiscent of a period romance, and each is loaded with one-of-a-kind antiques. This is the place to stay if you want to experience a really genuine French chateau stay while yet enjoying modern conveniences.

The property on which the castle stands was given to Bishop Wilfrid in 683 AD, and the existing structures are developed from a hunting lodge erected in 1103. The lodge changed ownership multiple times during the following several centuries. At one time, King Charles II was even involved. The castle was turned into a hotel in 1989. There are now just 19 bedrooms, but each is individually designed and decorated with antiques and excellent textiles.

The amazing Tuscan-style castle hotel is located in the mountains one hour west of Milan in Pavone.  The monument was a Romanesque church in the mid-800s, with a defensive wall constructed around 900AD. When the present castle was erected in the 1300s to secure the surrounding hamlet and estate, large elements of the wall and the church’s original central courtyard were merged. The famous Siena-style tower, magnificent Noble Courtyard with the evocative Fountain of the Mysteries, and breathtaking views from the castle solidify its place among our top five castle hotels. It has 27 overnight rooms along with a complex that can accommodate 300 people.

The Parador de Oropesa, one of Spain’s oldest paradores (luxury hotels in restored ancient structures), is well worth a visit. According to legend, the 14th-century castle was erected on the site of a fortification established by Hercules’ warriors in 1716 B.C., and it can be located on the Route of Don Quixote, which traces author Miguel de Cervantes’ life. The hotel has 48 rooms furnished with antique artwork, a lovely swimming pool, and a terrace restaurant serving traditional cooking with views of the Gredos Mountains.

Obidos Portugal has one of the best-preserved walled cities in the world, and its magnificent medieval castle turned hotel is a highlight. The first defenses of Obidos were built in 718 AD when the Moors ruled the whole peninsula including modern-day Spain and Portugal. Before dealing Napoleon’s army in its first defeat, Portuguese troops were dispatched from this stronghold. In 1951, after centuries of Obidos, the majority of the Castle was converted into the Pousada Hotel. There are 17 rooms in all, including bigger Royal suites with canopy beds and lovely exposed stone walls in the towers.

The Country Castle, which has highly innovative architecture, was managed as a hotel by its actual proprietors in the 1980s. Although it is by far the newest castle on our list, its distinctive architecture transports you to the 1600s. The Castle, located in one of South Australia’s top wine areas, provides numerous fantastic day excursions, including Kangaroo Island. The hotel offers a considerably more intimate vibe than most because there are just 5 guest rooms. The Observatory Suite is the coolest of Thorngrove’s 5 welcoming guest suites, with unrivaled views of the surrounding valley.

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