Real People Behind The Memes

Real People Behind The Memes March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Poor Maggie Goldenberger could never have imagined that an old photo from her childhood of her dressing up would become a famous meme.

It all started when a Reddit user found the photo via a public Facebook profile and decide to turn it into a viral sensation. Of course, Maggie was unaware of her newfound fame, since she was vacationing in India at the time.

Maggie was only 11-years-old in the pictures, but the memes were pure torture for her for years.

Thankfully, she gained back her confidence and can now see the humor. Sometimes you just have to laugh along with them.

His photograph garnered the attention of the media and he has been interviewed by newspapers and national news stations.

Not bad for simply looking good during a run, right?

Thankfully, his viral fame was able to be used for some good and helped fund a campaign to pay for his father’s dialysis.

Success kid, indeed!

One of the more hilarious memes, the Chubby Bubbles girl was taken from a little girl running with bubbles.

It went viral pretty quickly and has been photoshopped into famous movies and photographs.

Unfortunately, no one has been able to identify the girl.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she went into hiding.

Poor Brian.

He not only had to sit for his school picture once but twice because his principal thought he was making a funny face (fact check: he wasn’t). Of course, the photo somehow made it online and the “Bad Luck Brian” meme was born.

In reality, Brian is actually Kyle Craven and he has found his social media fame to be quite amusing.

He also doesn’t have bad luck, so that’s a good thing!

Sweet little Zoe Roth had been watching the local fire department complete a drill when her dad took this photo that went on to become a viral sensation.

This was due to Zoe’s creepy look, which many dubbed as “evil.”.

Thankfully, fame didn’t affect Zoe and she had a normal childhood.

She’s also really smart and speaks Chinese fluently and is darn good at math. She also enjoys signing an autograph every so often.

Born in Columbia, Kerin Portillo never could have guessed the stock photo she modeled for would become so popular.

When someone decided to post it on social media, the “Sheltered College Freshman” meme soon became a viral hit!

In the end, Kerin didn’t sweat the small stuff.

In fact, her modeling requests for stock images actually multiplied exponentially. Make that money, girl!

Chloe’s parents didn’t get the reaction they were hoping for when the filmed her reaction to their surprise trip to Disney.

Skeptical and a little confused, Chloe’s response became a viral hit on social media channels.

Lily & Chloe Official.

While in college, Griffin Kiritsy posed for a stock photo that would get picked up by a Reddit user and skyrocket him to meme fame.

Who knew he had such a “cliche” look about him?

You’ll be happy to know that Griffin is no longer a college freshman.

He did graduate and has moved on with his life.

While there are quite a few “First World Problems” memes, this one has become the most popular in terms of social media shares.

Originally posted on Buzzfeed, this woman’s photo became quite the hit.

So, who is the woman.

Well, it’s actually model Silvia Bottini from Varese, Italy. While she has starred in a few productions here and there, surprisingly her meme is the most popular.

The “Scumbag Steve” meme originated when Blake Boston’s mother snapped this photo of him when he was 16.

Of course, someone from Reddit snatched it up and the rest is meme history.

Today, Blake is a father and pursuing his passion–a career in music.

Maybe it’s time to cash in a bit on that internet fame, right Blake?

The “Hipster Barista” meme was generated as a Quickmeme when Dustin Mattson was photographed at his job Octane Coffee in south Atlanta.

Sadly, he wasn’t too pleased with the meme attention.

“I do find it discouraging and disappointing that there was so much exposure brought to an attempt at making a joke of a culinary industry and the professional barista.

To me, it’s very telling on how we laud farm-to-table food, craft beer, cocktail mixology, but it’s ok to have no respect for the specialty coffee world and the people who are committed to it.”.

The “Successful Black Man” meme first started on 4chan when a photo was pulled from Shutterstock.

Let’s just say it spread quite a hit on social media.

According to sources online, the man in the photograph graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and now lives in Texas.

We wonder what he thinks of his internet fame?

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