28 Original Ways To Reuse Your Old T-Shirts. #13 Is Adorably Practical.

28 Original Ways To Reuse Your Old T-Shirts. #13 Is Adorably Practical. April 29, 2017

There’s nothing better than a great t-shirt. In fact, t-shirts are so great that it’s a little too easy to collect them, and sometimes we find ourself with a somewhat ridiculous surplus of tees. Luckily, in addition to being comfortable and forever-fashionable, t-shirts are also extremely versatile. Here, we’ve collected 26 great ideas for how to turn your t-shirts into decorations, accessories, and even bowls. **We are absolutely loving the last idea – it’s simply the perfect springtime project.**Knit some old t-shirt scraps into a rug for your home, as large or as small as you’d like. We love the idea of putting one of these by the front door.

A t-shirt can make a handy produce bag, perfect for all those springtime trips to the farmer’s market.

This DIY shows you how to make some awesome pom-poms, which would be excellent decorations at a wedding or baby shower.

This tutorial is totally unique and easy to follow, and will add a certain panache to your basic t-shirt.

Instead of buying a rope from the pet store, you can fashion one out of an old t-shirt. This is the one and only time it will be okay for a dog to chew up your clothes.

Store your odds and ends in a cute coil bowl made from an old t-shirt. We love the idea of using these to store fruit as well.

They’re easy to knit, absorbent, and look cute sitting on your counter. Just make sure to use 100% cotton shirts for total absorbency.

Check out this tutorial to make your t-shirts even breezier.

A way to wear your heart on your sleeve when your favorite t-shirt is so old that it no longer has actual sleeves.

Coincidentally, t-shirts transform into useful and cute tote bags with very little effort.

It’s bold, it’s easy, and best of all, you don’t need to have a sewing machine to put it together.

If you’ve got a bunch of old t-shirts that you don’t wear but can’t get rid of, try stitching them together to create a whimsical scarf. This would look adorable on a toddler.

Babies go through onesies and gowns faster than you can wash them, so why not make a few out of some old t-shirts? Bonus: Your baby will look like a badass.

Created by Etsy seller Johnny Vegas Originals, this neck piece is edgy and cozy, all at the same time.

Keep your ears warm with an adorable jersey headband, created from just a few simple steps.

This type of repurposing makes a bold statement, and you have full creative control over the color and thickness of your t-shirt braids.

Little did you know that you might have your child’s next favorite toy lying at the bottom of your dresser.

Because t-shirts can double as bottoms, too.

For a t-shirt that’s breezy and feminine, add a lace panel up the back.

A design like this adds visual interest to a boring tee, and you can layer a bright pop of color underneath.

These cute little puffs are made from gathered scraps of t-shirt, and they are a unique and unexpected statement piece for your jewelry box.

Why spend money on a baby accessory like a big when you can make an even radder one from an old t-shirt?

White t-shirts don’t have to be boring, especially if you’ve got a pair a sharp fabric scissors and a few creative ideas.

If you’ve got a great shirt that you just don’t wear, try repurposing it into a cozy hat with this DIY.

These are adorable, easy to make, and could be attached to a hat or bag for a precious pop of color.

Twirling and tying pieces of old t-shirt can turn them into this awesome plant hanger. Try making hangers of different colors and sizes and hanging multiple plants in your windows.