Reddit User Got Bill Gates As Her Secret Santa.

Reddit User Got Bill Gates As Her Secret Santa. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Don’t we all wish that when we did Secret Santa, our Santa was actually a super-rich investor and philanthropist? At least then we’d know we’d get an actual cool gift, and not something cheap from the Dollar store. Well, for one Reddit user, this wish actually came true when she discovered who her Secret Santa was. Reddit user VietteLLC, aka Megan Cummins, was stunned to discover that her Secret Santa was none other than Microsoft Corporation co-founder, Bill Gates himself. All this happened after she signed up to take part in Reddit´s massive Secret Santa gift exchange, and boy, was it a shock!She has participated in Reddit´s massive Secret Santa gift exchange on Friday. And when she opened her presents, she couldn’t believe all of the things she’d gotten. But the biggest shock came when she discovered who it was that had bought her those gifts.

Sure, there were plenty of gifts under the tree already, and her kitties were her most prized possessions, but she was really looking forward to opening up her Reddit Secret Santa present, and the wait was finally over.

The identity of her secret Santa was revealed in a photo that was inside the presents, and it was none other than Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates! When the FedEx guy delivered the package, she stared “awkwardly at the FedEx guy – I was so far beyond confused.”

The 62-year-old participates in the online gift exchange every holiday season, and looks for gifts that will be meaningful to the lucky recipient, as Megan found out when she got some of the coolest cat-themed gifts any cat lover would like.

Aside from some amazing presents, he included some kitty stickers on the card, and a message that read, “I hope that you don’t mind that I crashed your family portrait!” Now is Bill Gates awesome, or what?

She instantly knew that Gates went through a lot of trouble to put this package together, particularly by adding things like this kitty themed cross-stitch in a frame. For someone who’s as busy as Gates, this was awfully sweet!

When she first got the package, she assumed it was a cat tower she ordered on Amazon. It turned out to be a box full of things like a Dave Matthews band shirt, an Austrian snow globe, a “Doctor Who” Tardis for Megan’s cats, and a giant Pusheen plush toy, which made her scream like a kid.

Her heart melted when she read the letter which said that Gates had donated $250 to the FFRC, $250 to the Stray Cat Alliance, and $250 to Town Cats, which made Megan break into tears. But she´s so grateful that he took the time to be so thoughtful and cat-astic all at the same time.

Click play to check out the emotional video Megan Cummins posted on YouTube to thank Bill Gates for being her super awesome Secret Santa!

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