Really Bad Tattoo Decisions That Are Almost Too Painful To Look At.

Really Bad Tattoo Decisions That Are Almost Too Painful To Look At. March 7, 2020

Nowadays, tattoos are becoming more openly acceptable in society. It used to be that having tattoos would make you unemployable, or get you kicked out of your house, but times are changing. But that doesn’t mean that you should put just any tattoo on your body. If you’re thinking about what to get, keep reading, and you might just change your mind.

One of the most sensitive areas on the human body is the armpits. Imagine how bad it would hurt to get a tattoo there? And what was she thinking getting a creepy baby being consumed by a shark in the middle of a sea of blood? This picture is proof that even the simplest of words can be messed up.

This could go one of two ways. The person is either the dumbest person on Earth, or the smartest. You would think that if they felt so strongly about planning ahead to get it tattooed on their body, then they would have planned it out better. Of course, it could just be ironic, which is actually pretty cool. This is one of the worst tattoos AND one of the worst marriage proposals.

This looks like a pretty simple tattoo, but there’s so much wrong with it. They broke the number one rule of getting tattoos: don’t put someone else’s name on your body, unless they’re your blood relative. And then he asked her to marry him? What if she didn’t want to get married? And who can miss that horrible spelling mistake? Chances are Nina said no. After you see this, you’ll appreciate your crazy grandpa on a whole new level.

Who gave the toddler the tattoo gun? What did they say, “Have fun and make a mess”? But honestly, who are we to say that these tattoos didn’t look amazing at one point. Like 50 years ago, when he was a young lad. Considering this is a mugshot, we’re assuming that they’ve pretty much always looked like this. You just witnessed bad tattoos on a face. Now check out a bad tattoo OF a face.

Getting someone’s face tattooed on your body isn’t the greatest idea, but we understand why people do it – especially if that person is deceased. The most important thing about this kind of tattoo is to make sure the artist actually knows what they’re doing, or an embarrassment like this is exactly what you’ll get. This next tattoo is exactly why you shouldn’t put your shortcomings on your body.

Why are people not spellchecking the words that they’re putting on their body? What is wrong with you? But a tattoo like this is saying that you have made too many mistakes in your life and you’re done apologizing for them. Just add this one to the list, as well. No REGERTS, right? This next guy is all about his patriotism.

It’s quite obvious that this man LOVES Australia. He made it clear when he tattooed a boxing kangaroo on his chest. But did he really need to put the entire country of Australia on top of that? What if people still don’t believe your love for your country? Is a tattoo of Vegemite next? The next tattoo might turn you away from guacamole.

Avocados are amazing. They’re refreshing, creamy, versatile, and absolutely perfect for a summer breakfast. But to be completely honest, this tattoo is a bit frightening. What’s the pit supposed to be? An alien? A deformed baby bird? It doesn’t really matter what it is, it’s just creepy. This next tattoo is exactly how you get a restraining order against you.

It’s not a new thing for people to become obsessed with their favorite celebrity and they have no problem showing it. The “Leave Britney Alone” guy is a perfect example. This girl takes obsession to a whole new level of creepy. It might make Drake smile, but what boyfriend, or employer, would be okay with a tattoo like this? It’s better to be the black sheep of the family, than being like this next guy.

When you first take a look at this guy, you might think he just likes random tattoos on his face. But we think that having a mustache is a tradition in his family, but he can only grow a beard, so he decided to tattoo a mustache on his face so his family didn’t kick him to the curb. Have trouble remembering your grocery list? This next tattoo is the perfect way to handle that.

At first glance we figured that this guy was just a huge PC nerd. But not we’re thinking that it might be the complete opposite. Maybe he has such bad luck with his computers crashing that he decided he was done paying to fix them and he just got the instructions on his body to keep them close by forever. After you see this next tattoo, you’ll feel better about your own life choices.

The tattoo itself is done pretty well. But why would any woman actually want that on their body? Do you have any idea what that looks like? We get it, you want fellas to treat you like a bike. Maybe this is just a call for help? If you didn’t appreciate your mom before, you will now.

That poor baby’s already wishing to go back where he came from. He regrets that he was born to a face like that. What exactly does she have going on there? Maybe a monocle, but that’s way too big. Who would get a monocle tattooed on their face anyways? You don’t need a “stay away” sign when you have a tattoo like this.

How can you even be mad? This guy’s just a troll. A dweller of 4chan that has nothing better to do than offend people on the Internet to keep him occupied because his life is just too depressing to think about. This also is a great tattoo to keep away any kind of female that might think about dating him. This next guy must have had a tattoo artist with a childish sense of humor.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has been around for a really long time. But there are some people out there who still believe that people were created by a magic man in the sky. So you can’t really blame this guy for being passionate about what he believes in. But maybe they should have tattooed the homo sapiens arm a little bit differently.