Relatable Comics That Depict The Highs And Lows Of Long Distance Relationships.

Relatable Comics That Depict The Highs And Lows Of Long Distance Relationships. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Committing to a long-distance relationship isn’t the easiest thing to do. Regardless of that, many couples still decide to try, with the hopes of eventually living in the same zip code. This comic illustrates the ups and downs of these relationships in an absolutely perfect manner!

A long-distance relationship can be compared to riding on a roller coaster. Being together is like flying. Nothing can take away your shine. But all that changes when it’s time to say your goodbyes. Anxiety starts to show its ugly face, and when you’re standing all alone at the airport, your hearts begins to break all over again. After that, you’re having to deal with the grief of separation.

You feel like when your significant other left, they took away all of the sunshine with them. Life is nothing but gray clouds now. Your last moments together are replaying like a movie in your mind over and over again. It feels like the next time you’re together will never arrive. And being in the present is impossible without them. Then you hear his voice again and you’re reminded of why you continue to live like this.

His voice is the last thing you hear before bed and the first thing you hear while drinking your morning coffee. The messages he sends are tiny reminders to keep holding on. On those days you don’t hear from him, you’re staring at your screen in bed, eventually falling asleep clutching your phone. When you wake up, all of the texts are there and you do it all again.

Figuring out how to stay in touch, and make time for each other, is tricky at first. Your first video chats are awkward, and there are some missed calls. But, eventually, everything works out. You make the best of it, and it ends up being the closest thing to being physically together. Your friends may not agree with the relationship and sometimes it can be a bit tough to brush off their criticism.

Your friends and family may mean well by thinking they can talk you out of it all. They try to set you up with their boyfriend’s best friend (he’s great, you should meet him) or dismiss your relationship as a fling. You feel like your relationship is constantly under attack, but after a while, you learn not to let it bug you. The struggle is worth it to you because no one makes you laugh like he does.

The little things are an everyday reminder of why you keep doing this. Like when you feel like nothing’s going right for you, and you just want the day to end. One “I love you” text and the sun begins to shine again. He’s a miracle worker for your heart. You try to bottle up those moments for later use because you know you’ll need them another day.

Seeing other couples together is one of the hardest parts of long distance relationships. You’re constantly reminded of what you’re missing when you see them holding hands, giggling together, or sharing little kisses. You have to remind yourself that just because you’re not physically together, it doesn’t mean your love isn’t as strong. But, sometimes, your heart gets the best of you.

Being in a long distance relationship can make your jealousy go a little crazy. You have to remind yourself that of course he has friends. So do you! You can’t even think about him having a conversation with someone else. You have to tell yourself that you’re being irrational, but in all honesty, you can’t help yourself. After all, you should be the one with him. Days like those make you question how you’ll ever make it.

You’re not the only one suffering. Some days you can hear the pain in his voice, and you would give anything to reach through the phone to hold him. You know that you’ll never give up. You know you can handle the pain. But what if he can’t? The thought of him pulling away is enough to break your heart into a million pieces.

When this happens, you stay on the phone for countless hours to ease his mind. The phone has become your lifeline to each other, and you never want to hang up. You stay on the phone until your eyes are almost closed. His breathing becomes more shallow, and it kind of feels like he’s right next to you falling asleep.

You know it’s important to make him feel like you’re right there with him. That means occasionally sending him expensive packages. They eventually become a part of your budget plan, and that means fewer dinner dates with friends and coffee at home. Every penny you save means you get to see the smile on his face when he opens your package.

Even though you go through all of the struggles and heartache, sometimes things play out in your favor. Even something as little as sleeping with one of his shirts goes a long way in this crazy whirlwind of a relationship. Despite all that, nothing is as good as hearing that he’s coming to see you.

Once you find out that he’s coming, your life is all about counting down the days. It consumes your thoughts, your dreams, and your friends eventually get tired of hearing you talk about it. Every day you’re wishing that you could fast forward time. The day finally approaches and your stomach is full of butterflies waiting for that first embrace.

You’re at the airport again, but this time you won’t be saying goodbye. Your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest when you see him coming towards you. Those first moments can be awkward, like you’re not sure if you’re in a dream. Then you hug each other, and you melt into his arms, knowing that it’s real. At least for a little while, it’s just you and him.

When you’re together, the rest of the world just fades away. Every moment consists of wanting to look into each other’s eyes and touch each other’s skin. Just taking a walk together, or having coffee at your favorite cafe, is the best day ever. You keep each other close, knowing that pretty soon you’ll have to say goodbye to one another all over again.

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