25 Wonderfully Cozy Places Were You Could Find Your Perfect Happiness… In Style.

25 Wonderfully Cozy Places Were You Could Find Your Perfect Happiness… In Style. March 4, 2017

Beds, couches, chairs, loveseats, sofas, chaise lounges, and ottomans: You name it, we’ll sit on it. However, for the most seasoned relaxers, a run of the mill three-seater with matching foot stool won’t do. Instead, we’ve compile some of the most awesome, comfortable, and just down right glorious butt-receptales that you’ve ever laid eyes on. Sit down, pop a squat, or have a seat: **You’re never going to want to leave your house again.**Designed by Ninna Helena Olsen, these chairs look like origami but feel like a dream. The innards of the chair are meant to “gently enclose your body.” I don’t know about you, but I’m up for being gently enclosed any day of the week.

Babies have it made, with their secure, comfortable, walled sleeping vessels. Why should they get to do all the comfy stuff. This chair provides a relaxing sleep nook that even adults can enjoy.

It looks like a racetrack and it doesn’t seem comfortable, but The Loopita is actually a slick resting place for two.

Created by designers Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr, this giant bird’s nest was created for multiple adults to share. Smaller nests can accommodate 2-3 people, and the large model can hold up 16. It’s the kind of chill spot that will make you never want to spread your wings and fly.

Behold, the sofa of your childhood pillow fight dreams. Made of a series of connected pillows filled with polystyrene pellets, the Hanabi is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for people who just want to dive right in.

This product is a series of giant threads that weave together to create cozy, knitted sleeping space.

Le Beanock is a giant, stuffed hammock that can hang from your ceiling. The back of the hammock can be shortened to simulate a floating couch. Just be careful when installing this amazing crashpad – your ceiling and upstairs neighbors will thank you for it.

A couch that you can really get into.

Though it might look like a strange amalgamation of beach balls, the Seating System Deluxe is actually comprised of super-soft ball-shaped pillows that feel amazingly comfortable on your body You can even reshape the seat to whichever configuration you desire.

A couch that can hold you tight while you binge-watch tragic love stories on Netflix. I always hoped this day would come.

The Bandito is a comfy, foldable pad that you can twist and turn into any arrangement you prefer, comfy customization at your fingertips.

The Sleepy Chair was designed to be a miniature version of a bed, making it ideal for catnaps.

You might feel a little bit nervous when you go to sit down in The Gravity Balans. However, the chair is totally secure, and perfect for reading or watching TV.

If you’ve ever sat on a chaise lounge and wished there was just a little more to it, The Luso Lounger might be perfect for you. The Luso can be arranged in various ways, and has a little extension on the side for when your arms could use an extra stretch.

Think of it as a modern beanbag chair for adults. You can stop stealing your daughter’s Frozen beanbag chair now.

The Sonic Bed plays relaxing music for any and all who enter.

It might look like a giant toothbrush,but this bed is comfortable and springs back into shape as soon as you get off.

The Book Bed was designed by a Japanese designer to help resolve the lack of space in many Japanese apartments. By night, the book “pages” act as the duvet and sheets. During the day, it can be folded and used as a floor mat.

Representing the harmony between male and female, the Yin-Yang Bed is meant for couples who are happily in balance. w

Like a slick Tempurpedic, the Embrace Lounge molds to the shape of your body while you sleep.

The Sosia can be pushed together to create a day bed, but can also be split apart into chairs to accompany guests.

Something tells me you might spend more time playing with this sofa than sitting on it.

A similar concept to other dive-able sofas above, this bed looks like a bowl of candy – the level of comfort is just as sweet.

This fully inflatable sofa is made out of 100% recycled paper.

Perhaps you’ve seen these iconic sofas in TV and film, the perfect place to relax and get your romance on.