Remember The Founder Of Myspace, Tom Anderson? Look What He’s Doing Now.

Remember The Founder Of Myspace, Tom Anderson? Look What He’s Doing Now. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Remember a few years ago when your Myspace brought all the boys to the yard? Who could forget? What about Tom, your first Myspace friend? Well, it’s been years and Myspace isn’t the hit it once was, especially after Facebook became the leading social media outlet for millions around the world. But, if you’re still one of those loyal users who still has a Myspace page, you’re probably wondering what happened to Tom. Well, it turns out that he’s handed over the reins of the social media site to someone else and moved on to bigger and better things, some of which, you won’t believe.For some of us, he was the only friend we had… period. But you might say that Tom could smell the scent of doom for his site, so in 2005, he decided to bail.

He sold it for millions before the value plummeted and now he’s living a completely different life, but he’ll still be your friend if you ask him too. It just might take a while for him to get back to you.

If you scope out his Instagram you’ll find photos like this one, where he’s standing on a rockface looking at the glittering lights of a town in the distant, while a turbulent sky swirls above his head.

He decided to live his life and travel the world. In the process, he started taking tons of impressive photos that he loves to share with his followers on Instagram.

He had $580 million in his bank account, so he decided to spend a little time exploring the world. So, if you thought he was lost in some kind of cave, he wasn’t. He’s simply been taking great shots inside one.

Now Tom is a freaking globe trotter and he even discovered another secret passion of his along his many adventures. In 2011, he decided to take on photography and has snapped photos of impressive venues like this one.

But Tom roams across the planet, and whether he’s on the ground or in the air, he never wastes an opportunity to take a photo of some impressive scenery or skyscrapers before hitting the rod for his next new adventures.

Who would have thought that a coding guy would turn into a photographer? But Tom is dedicated to capturing the illustration of life in the most remote regions of the world.

He’s much happier being on the open road and seeing where it’ll take him. Along the way, he does a little field work, and takes in the sights, which he so generously shares with his followers.

You might even spot him at the end of a waterfall, like a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. Oh, how we wish we could be your real-life BFF, Tom, so you could take us on an adventure.

Instead, he’s taking photos of the most exotic locations from up above. Personally, this is Mother Nature’s nosebleed section, but it’s beautiful to look at from the safety of this snap.

Just look at the bright orange glow of the sky as the sun sets on this beach. There’s something so majestic about this shot that makes you want to grab a surfboard and head for the nearest body of water.

This photo of a fisherman floating safely in his raft at night is magnificent. As to why we’re a bit jealous of Tom, it might have something to do with the fact that he gets to see things we never would have known existed otherwise.

But there is a beautiful rainbow beaming down from the sky to what seems to be all the way through the bridge. Now that’s a million-dollar photo. Then we remember that Tom already has millions.

Those trees look almost otherworldly, like something you’d expect to see on “Avatar.” Thank you, Tom for proving that you don’t have to leave the planet to explore strange new worlds.

He intends to explore every square inch of this planet and take photos to wow us, and remind us that he can, and we can’t. And he’s off again. Oh well, at least we’ll always have Myspace.

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