Remembering Golden Bailey, The “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” Dog.

Remembering Golden Bailey, The “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” Dog. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

She’s known as Golden Bailey, but you might know the Golden Retriever a little better by her meme influenced name, “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” dog. When her owner, who goes by the Reddit name, Golden_Bailey, took a photo of his dog typing on a computer and wearing a tie, he had no idea that his pet would become such a sensation. As memes continued to pop up, people started laughing and sighing with heartfelt affection. But there was a sad story behind the picture series that Bailey’s owner has posted on Imgur, the beloved dog was no longer with them.There was the one where her owner dressed her up as a “Redneck Retriever,” which made her famous.

However, her words made no sense, hence why she was known as “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” dog.

Since then, the two were inseparable, but he had no idea he had a future semi-famous online celebrity.

It’s clear that Bailey’s human loved dogs, particularly, Golden Retrievers, but Bailey was his favorite.

At this point, Bailey was young, but yet so ready for adventure, like this road trip she was on with him.

Her human owner started posted her story in 100 photos and posting them on Instagram, Reddit and Imgur.

He started taking photos of her to see just how photogenic she was, and it turns out he was right. She loved sitting still, almost as if she was born to work the camera!

Her human was trying to mess with his brother by using his new camera to take photos of Bailey.

Since she felt so comfortable slipping into human shoes, he decided to have her put on a shirt too.

She had a comforting influence on people, so he made a Twitter account for Bailey and started taking pics.

Her owner would even have her sleep in his roommate’s bed from time to time to get the perfect shot.

Obviously, Bailey had no freaking clue what she was doing, but she sure looked all techno savvy.

At first, the dog was totally confused, which is understandable, but eventually she started catching on.

Soon enough, she started posing for the photos, but demanded treats as payment, which is pretty fair.

Bailey’s owner knew that he had to come up with more challenging scenes that people would enjoy.

He posed her in all four positions and took multiple shots. Yes! They’re all Bailey, not different dogs.

All he had to do was put a hat on Bailey, and some Jif Peanut Butter on the table. But where’s the gun?

Bailey met his human’s wife, back in the day when she was still his girlfriend. But Bailey approved of her.

How many dogs have gotten the chance to become immortalized in memes and a 100-photo online story?

We know that she was okay with bathing, but in this shoot, she seemed ready to go water skiing.

Just look at her with her yellow, plaid shirt and her paws. This dog is ready to start chopping wood now.

It seems that she can handle the tree cutter hand (or should we say paw) machine just fine on her own.

Now isn’t that adorable? She’s even sporting a red bra too! Have you ever seen anything cuter than this?

Bailey made millions of people smile over the years with her hilarious memes, which is a great legacy.

She could even impress you even when she was just lying in the yard doing nothing but being adorable.

Anyone need something shoveled? It’s no wonder that she managed to spawn such popular memes like this.

She clearly had as much fun taking these photos as her owner did, and left us with unique memories.

She was so pretentious that she wouldn’t accompany her cheese cubes with anything but red wine.

Of course, you didn’t think that Bailey would allow this to happen without being included in the photo.

While her human family was busy elsewhere, she watched “Homeward Bound” and ate some popcorn.

She knew how to destress and chill out in her hammock. If only we were all as lucky as she had been.

Bailey got a new little sister named Rosie, and she didn’t seem happy having to share the love with her.

Soon, Bailey and Rosie became inseparable, which was exactly what their human owners were hoping for.

Naturally, Bailey decided that it would be a perfect time to carry on the family tradition in this photo.

Bailey looked different in all six shots, which thanks to Photoshop were combined into one photo.

Now, she lives on in the memories of others, and the owners hope her photos will bring joy for years to come.

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