The Shocking Before And After Photos Of 16 Rescued Dogs. #6 Nearly Broke My Heart.

The Shocking Before And After Photos Of 16 Rescued Dogs. #6 Nearly Broke My Heart. September 8, 2016

When Ellen was picked up, she was a huge ball of matted, dirty fur. The fur was so heavy, it was ripping out at the roots and causing excruciating pain. Two pounds of fur was shaved away. Now this 2-year-old is ready to begin a brand new life.

It’s a beautiful thing to see how much she changed after being loved and taken care of. Kenzi was brought to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin and San Antonio after being neglected and abused. Now with some tender loving care and medical treatment, she’s made an amazing transformation.

Adorable little Betty was abandoned by her original owners. She was shy and embarrassed, but now after being nurtured back to health, her demeanor has changed and she is now ready for a new loving family.

Someone found Vita nearly dead from starvation. She was living in a junkyard in Los Angeles. After being rescued and rehabilitated with veterinary care, grooming, and a proper diet, she’s a healthy, vibrant canine.

When Iggy was found in Mexico, he was barely alive with a horrible eye infection. Someone shared his photo and story on Facebook, people were so moved, they donated to have him transported to the US for treatment. Now he’s happy and playful.

When this poor guy was found on the streets of Montreal, he could barely even move because of all the matted hair. Now look how handsome he is after he’s been cleaned up and shown some love and attention.

Treasure is a miniature pure-bred poodle. She was terribly neglected and discovered by someone who was driving by. She couldn’t even walk because of her thick, matted hair. She was taken to the vet where she was properly taken care of. Now look at what a cutie she is!

Miley was found living out of a pile of garbage. She had mange and other injuries so severe, she could hardly walk. Now she lives a happy life with a new family after being rescued!

Theo’s cruel owners moved away and left the poor baby to survive alone on the streets. He spent a year there until Hope For Paws came to rescue him.

This poor dog Woody was dumped on the streets left to survive on his own after his owner passed away. For several months, he hid and wouldn’t allow anyone near him. The warm presence of a caring rescuer was able to build enough trust to save him.

Someone found poor Dolly eating out of the trash in Los Angeles, California. It was a heart-wrenching sight for her to see, so she called Hope for Paws to rescue the pup. They rescued her, gave her a bath, removed an entire 10 pounds of fur from her 15 pound body.

Cedar was abandoned at a golf course, and was waiting for someone to come and get him. He lost all of his hair from stress, and his bones were visible from starvation. Now Cedar has been living in his new forever home and is happy and healthy.

You could hardly tell she was a dog when she was surrendered to the shelter, Alana was severely matted and dirty. After shaving her, it was obvious she was many years younger than they thought and now you can see what a cute puppy she is!

Poor Shrek was raised in a puppy mill. When he was found, he was barely moving, his hair was filled with mud, and his skin full of sores. After he was completely healed and cared for, Shrek found the gentle new home he deserves.

This sweet little dog was found on the side of the road with too much hair, soaking wet, and smelling like urine. After cleaning her up, she only weighed 2.8 pounds!

Olivia was skin and bones when she adopted from an animal shelter. Look how much healthier she looks a year later.