Rescued Kitten And Orphaned Rhino Have The Cutest Bond Ever.

Rescued Kitten And Orphaned Rhino Have The Cutest Bond Ever. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Animals who are poached, hunted for body parts or sports are part of a herd, or have a cub, mother, or father. Man’s ongoing pursuit of personal gain have made hundreds of species endangered, even extinct. Still, the surviving animals have learned to still live and love, despite their tragedy.After her mother’s death, the baby Rhino was all alone surviving by eating sand, which caused a lot of damage to her stomach. Luckily, she was saved by The Rhino Orphanage, in Limpopo, South Africa, which is supported by the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation.

Jamie, the primary caregiver for Nandi, had rescued a tiny kitten from the township. “Mewie loves to follow me around the orphanage so whenever I’m with Nandi he comes with me. Their friendship began when we started sleeping in the room with Nandi,” Jamie reveals.

“Mewie did not want to be left out so he came and curled up on the bed with us,” Jamie shares. A regular cat might have been afraid of this huge animal but not Mewie. The duo started interacting in Nandi’s room, both growing fond of each other.

Over the time their relationship has grown, they treat each other like siblings. The difference in their sizes doesn’t affect their bond. “We go for very long walks so that Nandi can get a chance to graze and get some exercise but most of the time Mewie gets tired and then I end up having to carry him back,” Jamie says.

Both of them, being orphaned at an early age, understand each other and have bonded exceptionally. Though once fully healed, Nandi will be released back into the wild, we are sure they will always be in each other’s heart.

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