She Gave Up Her Life To Save Hundreds Of Abandoned Dogs.

She Gave Up Her Life To Save Hundreds Of Abandoned Dogs. May 11, 2021

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but they certainly can’t say the same thing about people. If anyone knows this, it’s Sebahat Hanifeoglu from Kastamonu, Turkey. She has seen hundreds of homeless dogs roaming around the streets. Many of them looked starved and some even showed signs that they had been abused. But Sebahat couldn’t just stand by and do nothing while these poor animals continued to suffer. So, she decided to do something to change the fate of these homeless creatures. But it required making some serious sacrifices on her end.The pups were in terrible condition, but this was not uncommon in Kastamonu, Turkey. You see, dog owners tend to dump their pooches in the mountain regions and filthy areas. But Sebahat couldn’t turn her back on the pups, so instead she welcomed them with open arms.

So, she gave up everything and started visiting the areas where the homeless animals were struggling to get by, but she didn’t go empty-handed. She brought along supplies like water, and most importantly, food for these hungry animals.

She brought all the supplies she needed, and it wasn’t long before the pups began seeing her as their saving grace. But this wasn’t simply because she brought them food, but because of the love and attention she provided.

She replaced their loneliness with companionship and the emptiness in their stomach with food. But this was only the beginning. Sebahat now visits 5 areas every day, and she always comes bearing gifts for these needy pups.

So, after a bit of brainstorming, she sought out the help of volunteers who could build sheds that would give these homeless pups stable shelters. But sadly, not everyone was grateful by her touching and selfless actions.

These dogs relied on everything that Sebahat provided them, but selfish people were ruining all the great work that she had done. Some folks even tried to destroy the shelters. But Sebahat’s determination to save the pups on a daily basis did not waiver.

Sebahat hopes to build a shelter for the dogs with some help from Dumpster Doggies that can’t get stolen or destroyed. In the meantime, her efforts helped a blind pup named Nazli find a forever home all the way in Canada thanks to the assistance of the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue.

Her ongoing endeavor to save the homeless dogs of Turkey has not gone unnoticed by her 32,000 Instagram followers or Facebook. And as news of Sebahat’s work continues to spread across the internet, the outlook of these homeless pups may finally become a little brighter.