Research Reveals The Best Time To Call In Sick (If You Want To Get Away With It).

Research Reveals The Best Time To Call In Sick (If You Want To Get Away With It). April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Even the most devoted, loyal, and hardworking employee has the need to call in sick every once in a while. It doesn’t mean you are ill at all, it just means you need a break from work, co-workers, and even your boss. There are some days when you just want to stay home and watch TV or if you are daring, go to the beach to enjoy the sun and the waves. Calling in sick when you are perfectly healthy without getting caught is a work of art. You don’t want to sound too dramatic where your boss knows you are faking it and you don’t want to downplay how you’re feeling to the point where you sound too healthy to take the day off. There is even a time and day of the week where telling your boss you’re using a sick day to get better will go unnoticed. That’s the ultimate goal too, not to create any suspicion at work so you can try the same scheme all over again in a couple of months.If it’s Friday, it’s easy to assume you want to have a three-day weekend, where if it’s a Monday your boss will assume you missed your flight back from Las Vegas.

The studies reveal the best day to call in sick is on a Tuesday and the ideal time is 8:38 A.M.

The fastest way to end a line of questioning is to let work know you are having stomach issues.

Thursday is a also a safe day to call in sick.

Make sure, you try to avoid these months.

Just enjoy and relax at home. Watch a home, order delivery, and catch-up in some reading.

Don’t post any photos or comments on social media. Also. tell your friends not to tags any photos with you in them.

In the study they found “excuses” supervisors found acceptable to call in sick for a day.

They have also noticed that those fighting the flu are never that productive when they come in anyways.

Employers see back injury as a legitimate excuse to skip work that day.

This may be a bit extreme but just how badly do you want that day off?

Just make sure you are not doing cart wheels the next day.

It came in at 36.5 per cent of reasons bosses find acceptable.

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