Mom Risked Her Two Boy’s Lives To Save Their Sister, And It Was Worth It.

Mom Risked Her Two Boy’s Lives To Save Their Sister, And It Was Worth It. December 17, 2018

There are not enough words to describe a mother’s love for her child. Her devotion for all of her children is unconditional. No woman should ever have to be forced to choose between one child over another. Chloe Dunstan conceived triplets naturally with her husband Rohan. She was carrying two boys and a girl. Everything seemed to be going well for such a high risk pregnancy until doctors suggested Chloe and Rohan make a difficult, life-altering decision.Doctors suggested to the expectant parents to let the little girl go or deliver all three prematurely.

The little girl was being deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Time was of the essence.

“I feel guilty for having the boys delivered when they were growing so well in the womb. But Pearl would have died if we didn’t deliver early, so I will never regret that,” Chloe told the Daily Mail.

The triplets received blood transfusions.

“Pearl had a PDA in her heart that closed on its own, she had a pulmonary haemorrhage, a minor brain bleed, she fought a horrible infection, and there were days we weren’t sure if she would make it, especially the early weeks when she was on a ventilator,” explains Chloe.

Chloe considers herself fortunate to have more than she ever expected. She set up an Instagram account to share her experience.

“I do remember briefly considering the alternative of letting her go so her brothers could continue to grow strong and healthy and have the best start in life, but now that she’s here, my heart hurts at the thought of not having her in our lives,” she says.

The Dunstans are also proud parents to Evan, 4, Otto, 3 and Felix, 2. “I can’t wait to see how their bond grows over time,” says Chloe.