Rita Ora Wasn’t Afraid To Show Off Some Skin While Vacationing In Jamaica.

Rita Ora Wasn’t Afraid To Show Off Some Skin While Vacationing In Jamaica. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

So, what has the gorgeous, former host of *America’s Next Top Model* since Tyra took back the proverbial crown? Why, looking beautiful as ever of course! Rita Ora is not shy about flaunting her amazing figure, especially while she was recently on vacation in Jamaica, living it up and having a good time. And if there’s one thing we can say about Rita is that she loves to share her life, good looks, and fortune with her Instagram followers.She certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination in her red bikini, even as she wrapped up her Jamaican holiday to get back to work.

She can get away with anything, even a selfie that shows her airing her pits, because she’s Rita Ora, and she’s lovely to look at no matter what she’s doing.

Angles, lighting and the right facial expression can mean the difference between a sensational selfie and a career ending one, which is why she takes special care of doing it right the first time.

But even the Jamaican backdrop, which was breathtaking, paled in comparison to the side of perfection that was posing right in front of the camera, don’t you think? Her fans would agree.

It’s difficult keeping the camera steady while taking a selfie, and we’re sure her fans are glad to see that despite being talented and pretty, she’s also human like the rest of us.

That’s why Rita loves to treat herself to one of these tasty island concoctions to refresh herself before she gets back to taking more selfies for her fans to see.

She manages to show them off whether she’s puckering up or drinking something with a straw. Oh, and that deer caught in a headlight look is simply adorable.

Rita’s trip to Jamaica has coincided with rumors that she and art consultant Tyrone Wood, who is the son of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, have been seeing each other romantically.

She wore a scanty swimsuit suit with a red bikini top that were barely able to contain her amazing assets and her peachy backside from showing off more than our hearts and eyes can stand.

She had dated Calvin Harris, but things went south when he put a music ban on one of her songs. Eventually, he agreed to lift it and some claim that they’ve patched things up as friends.

Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler even predicted that love between Rita and her ex wouldn’t last and she was right. Just three weeks after they got together, their romance dissolved.

So she moved on to Rob Kardashian, who seemed like a catch, but then Rob accused her of cheating on him with 20 guys in a tweet he posted shortly after their relationship ended.

Even as the rumors swirled that she and the Formula One star were involved, she did very little to squash those allegations. But although they were seen together, they never made it official.

Back in 2015, Hil broke things off with Rita claiming that she was too flirty with other guys. Then to make things worse, he publicly critiqued her skills in the bedroom. Ouch!

Whether she’s hosting a show, singing on stage or taking a selfie, Rita can make our eyes pop out with her desirable frame and an incredible smile.

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