These Playful Otters Want To Remind You That Winter Is Actually FUN.

These Playful Otters Want To Remind You That Winter Is Actually FUN. December 12, 2017

Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming but small sections of it reach into Montana and Idaho. One of the top reasons to visit is to view wildlife, from bison to bears, in their natural habitat. Another animal that calls the park home is the river otter. Visitors have seen these charismatic animals in rare sightings along Yellowstone’s major lakes, rivers, and large streams. According to the site, the best time to see them are around dawn and dusk. They are beautiful to see in winter as their dark bodies contrast against the white snow. As you will find in this video by Nat Geo Wild, river otters are extremely playful and a joy to watch. A mother and her 9-month-old pup slide down from the mountaintop to their home on the river. They’re experts in the water, and can swim for 2-3 minutes without coming up for air. They feed on fish, crayfish, frogs, and sometimes young muskrats. However, on land, they can easily become prey to gray wolves, coyotes, red foxes, and bobcats. **See Yellowstone river otters in their natural element, playing in the snow and fortunately avoiding one hungry predator. This is exactly why we should protect animals by protecting the environment; they have enough to look out for as is.**