Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time With This Genius Trick.

Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time With This Genius Trick. August 16, 2018

It’s the simplest game in the world, and that’s probably why they play it virtually everywhere you go. Sure, it may have different names, but at it’s core, Rocks, Paper, Scissors is still the same. Don’t let the ease of play fool you, though: There’s still strategy that comes with playing this game, and it turns out, you can even rig it if you want to. The answer to winning each and every time is simple, but it involves a bit of study on your part. Like in any game, you’ve got to understand your opponent and where they’re coming from — and you have to make sure to remember what they played each time.

Below are some simple hacks to win this time-honored hand game every time you play. You might not get any glory for doing so, but hey, it’ll make you feel like a boss. Read below to find out how to beat every four-year-old and unsuspecting adult in town.

As it turns out, there are some foolproof methods to the rocks, paper, scissors madness — you just have to learn how to pay attention.

Experts say that men tend to pick “rocks” as their first throw, so if you’re playing against a man, you know how to beat him. Women, on the other hand, choose paper first.

If someone loses a round, they don’t usually play the same thing the next time. Instead, they choose the thing that beat them. So, if you beat them with scissors, they’ll probably throw scissors next.

A study from China’s Zhejiang University found another pattern in what people throw after a loss. The study found a triangle of moves that people throw in the order of this triangle.

It sounds crazy, but announce what you’re throwing before you throw it. Your opponent won’t believe you, but you’ll play it anyways. Then, you’ll win! Pretty cool, right?