Remember The Sweet ‘Kitten With No Elbows’?

Remember The Sweet ‘Kitten With No Elbows’? February 1, 2019

Usually when a litter of kittens is born there is one that is a bit different from the others and considered the runt of the litter. That was little Roo when she was born. It was quickly noticed that not only was she not growing in her fur at a regular pace, but she was walking a bit differently as well. It was later learned that she was born without elbow joints, leading to her not walking normally. That didn’t stop Roo though from growing up and living a normal life. She was brought to a shelter last year and she got lots of love and care to help her grow up. Eventually her coat grew in normally and she got so used to walking that you wouldn’t even notice anything is wrong with her. When she walks she still has a bit of a different walk but that doesn’t stop her from being very happy. She is now part of a loving family and one of her favorite members is Skeeter the dog. The photos show the amazing transformation that she went through as she was growing up. She actually is more active in her family than most normal cats are. They spend a lot of time sleeping while Roo wants to be a part of everything that is going on.When Roo was born she walked differently from the other kittens in her litter. It was later found that she didn’t have any elbow joints.

She grew up like a normal cat and never let her disability slow her down at all. Now she is just like any other cat.

Roo was brought to a shelter in 2016 and the people there noticed something was wrong with her. With plenty of love and care, she overcame her issues to live a normal life.

Roo is a quiet, loving cat. She has no problems making new friends and loves hanging out with her step brother Skeeter the dog!

Roo was eventually taken in by a loving family. Now that she is more grown you can hardly notice anything is wrong with her.

She loves being a part of the family and does whatever she can to help out around the house. At first glance you would never know that she is a bit different.

Roo has grown into an adult cat with plenty of fur and love. She loves all the attention she gets and she looks like any other cat now.