A Puppy Was Stuck Under Rocks For A Month… Look What These Guys Did.

A Puppy Was Stuck Under Rocks For A Month… Look What These Guys Did. August 4, 2018

Sometimes, the stories that gain the most traction on the Internet are shocking, or heartbreaking, or just plain weird. But every once in awhile, we’re treated to a story that is just plain great, a heartwarming tale that reminds us how positivity and human kindness are what really make the world go ’round. This is one of those stories. When a bunch of beachgoers heard a dog whimpering, they could have assumed that it was far away, or that someone else would help it. Instead, they did some investigating, and when they discovered that the pup was right under their feet (but totally inaccessible), they did something even more amazing. Find out how this group of people saved an animal’s life for no other reason than they could — and see the miraculous recovery of an adorable (and very, very happy) pup who almost died without anyone knowing. This story will definitely put a smile on your face.It was faint, but definitely there: Something was whimpering from below the surface, even though they couldn’t see what it was.

The poor thing could have been easily missed, and he had no access to food or water. The people stuck around and fed her while they figure out what to do.

The whole time, people came in shifts to feed her and keep her company while she went through the ordeal.

They came with heavy machinery and rock removal tools to get her out. Finally, she emerged, and everyone finally got to see what this adorable pup looked like. Everyone was emotional, and they decided to name the pup Rook.