Rude Woman Sits Between Couple On Bus, But Pays For It When They Turn Out To Be Comedians.

Rude Woman Sits Between Couple On Bus, But Pays For It When They Turn Out To Be Comedians. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

They were dropping of their rental car, but Beverly and Ted had one last trip to make: an airport shuttle. As soon as they climbed aboard they noticed there were two open seats. Unfortunately, a small woman was sitting in between them. They asked the woman if she would be willing to move over, but she wasn’t hearing it. When they asked the woman to move, she motioned to the seats beside her. Obviously meaning that she wouldn’t move. Ted had a plan, though.

Beverly and Ted Odell Robinson were a strong power couple. They fit perfectly together. After being married for 37 years, the couple thought it was time to go on a romantic trip. This is where it gets interesting. While on their way back to their home, the couple met a difficult woman. The woman obviously had something against love, but the couple decided to make the best of their ride, in a pretty epic way.

Ted and Beverly love traveling and do it often. They thoroughly enjoy seeing the world, and they love doing it with one another. They had an especially bright and refreshing outlook on life. “We take ownership of our peace and joy,” explained Ten in an interview about the woman on the bus. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time the couple met someone like this. They’ve had several encounters with rude people on their travels, but none of them were like this woman.

Marriage can be complicated and Ted and Beverly understand this all too well. To keep things interesting in their lives, they decided to switch things up a bit. They contracted wanderlust. They loved going to foreign places, or even exploring their own country like they did for their anniversary. But traveling wasn’t always the easiest thing, either. The incident on the bus was just one of many problems the couple had while traveling. Regardless, they’ve never encountered someone quite like this woman.

The couple has encountered their fair share of hate while on their travels. The couple has traveled to Spain, France, and the Caribbean, to name a few. On almost all of their trips, there was always one person that tried to ruin their moods, but they just take it in stride. “We don’t ever consign our joy to people, things or situations.” And they proved that when they reacted to the sassy woman on the bus.

This couple proves how a lust for life can change any kind of situation. “Rudeness never changes our focus on the beauty and purpose of our travels.” They definitely have that glass full outlook on life. That was until they had an encounter with one of their worst travel enemies, the grumpy bus passenger. The woman couldn’t have been more annoying if she tried. But the couple’s response made the woman change her attitude really quickly.

The couple was cutting it a bit short, and they were running a little late. When they got to the airport they had to make a run for it. And their first stop was to the car rental agency. And of course, this took longer than usual, and they still needed to take a shuttle back to the airport. But they had no idea that their biggest problem was still waiting for them.

The couple wasn’t put off by their situation, so they just decided to make light of it. “Humor and laughter are essential to a healthy, balanced marriage,” said Ted profoundly. It’s not surprising that their marriage has lasted for so long. “It is indeed good like medicine, according to ancient proverbs.” Ted has proven how important true happiness is to him and Beverly, but how far could their happiness really carry them?

They were preparing for the shuttle back to the airport, but as soon as they climbed onto the bus, they encountered a problem. The shuttle was unbelievably overcrowded, but they didn’t worry. The couple searched until they found their prize: two seats just waiting for them! But, there was a problem. There was a tiny woman sitting in the middle seat between them. They asked the woman to move over, but that’s when things started to get heated.

As soon as the couple spotted the open seats, they made their way over to them. But the woman sitting in the middle was a bit much for the couple. When they politely asked her if she would move over, she stayed quiet. She just gestured to the open seats beside her. Her passive-aggressive response made the couple start thinking of ways to make the most of their shuttle ride. And they sure did make the most of it!

The couple decided their best move was to make light of the situation. They captured it all on film and even shared it online. “It could have been different had she simply shown common courtesy,” explained Ted. The pair were planning to expose the grumpy bus passenger and her over-the-top pettiness. But the video was just the whipped topping. Their actions on the bus ride made the other passengers frantic with laughter.

Ted and Beverly knew that they needed to get creative. So they both took out their phones and began to take selfies of themselves, along with the grumpy woman in the middle! They were going to enjoy the last bit of their vacation. They also put the grumpy woman in the spotlight for a little bit, as well. The other passengers were laughing hysterically, but their real reward came when they shared their experience.

While shooting their video, the couple talked about their trip, but they never expected it to blow up. Their hilarious video made viewers roll over with laughter. Besides the humor, there was another message. In this one clip, you can truly see how much the couple loves each other, which only put viewers further on their side. No one could believe the woman could be so ridiculous. And just like Beverly said, “It’s a shuttle bus!”

People couldn’t contain themselves when they saw the video. The comments on social media were crazy! They became so popular that they even got their own hashtag: #RelationshipGoals. The power in the couple was obvious. And their love for one another was simply undeniable. But the couple never expected to go viral. Their trip may have been difficult, but when they look back, they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Ted also shared his thoughts, “Never surrender your love to circumstances or persons that seek to dampen or diminish.” Such profound words. He has an infectious type of happiness, so it’s not surprising they became so popular. Life can dish out difficult times, but it’s up to you on how you handle things. As Ted said, “Own your peace and happiness. Life is short, ride a Cuddle Shuttle.”

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