It’s The Most Popular Song Of All Time, But When 1,500 People Sing It… Chills.

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Music has the ability to bring complete strangers together. It’s hard to explain how people are able to sync in perfect harmony for the love of music. Choir! Choir! Choir! is a group that meets up every week to perform popular songs. Each member receives a lyric sheet with the song they will perform. After practicing the new song, the group then sings it together with the session recorded in video and audio to share with loved ones. For the Laminato Festival in Toronto, Canada, 1,500 singers joined their voices together to bring to life Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” The Hearn Generation Station is an abandoned power plant that served as the location. And to add more beauty to this already captivating ballad was that the choir was lead by none other than American-Canadian crooner Rufus Wainwright. The singer originally performed the song for the *Shrek* soundtrack in 2001. It's hard not to be moved and touched by this performance.