See What Young ‘Forrest Gump’ And ‘Jenny’ Look Like Today.

See What Young ‘Forrest Gump’ And ‘Jenny’ Look Like Today. July 15, 2018

It may have been released 22 years ago, but most of us still remember the movie like it was yesterday. It was a film that did what few films had done before: Taken us through decades of American history with real footage and facts, but telling the story through the perspective of a man that many thought would never amount to anything. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re talking about Forrest Gump, the 1994 film based on a 1986 novel, directed by Robert Zemeckis, and starring (among others) Tom Hanks. It was a massive hit, and most of us can still quote the film like it was yesterday. And while Hanks and Robyn Wright were amazing in their roles, some of the most unforgettable scenes centered around the young Forrest and Jenny, the two childhood friends whose lives ebbed and flowed into one another’s. The actors that played them were amazing, and one has got to wonder: Where are they now? Well, look no further. Forrest and Jenny are all grown up, and they’ve each done some pretty remarkable things. Find out what the pair are up to now, below.They’re probably one of the most memorable pairs of childhood besties/sweethearts in film, the imitable Forrest Gump and his lifelong pal, Jenny.

And a fierce momma (played by Sally Fields) who would do just about anything to protect him.

This one was one of the best, where Forrest gets fitted for his old-fashioned leg braces to correct his spine.

Encouraging him to stay out of harm’s way, the young Jenny said these three words that will be forever etched in our movie memory.

Michael Conner Humphreys played the young Forrest Gump, and that boy sure was a running fool. But what’s he been up to since?

In fact, Humphreys spent 18 months on a tour of duty in Iraq.

Except, you know, he’s a giant adult now. Still, that coy Forrest smile is as present as ever.

Humphreys had a role in a movie called “Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers.”

During a recent 10km charity run, members of the crowd cheered him on by shouting,” Run Forrest, run.” We can only imagine how many times he’s heard that in his lifetime.

Here, Humphreys rehearses for his role with the braces which made Forrest Gump famous, those opening scenes setting the story in motion and creating a character that would last a lifetime.

And sure enough, Humphreys has had a full lifetime since.

As it turns out, she’s been acting ever since. Here, we see her playing Sophie in “Neal Cassady.”

Here, she lounges in a pool, playing Georgia in “American Cowslip.”

Here, she tackles the bloody role of Judith Myers in Rob Zombie’s version of the slasher classic, “Halloween.”

She made a serious impact in “The Virgin Suicides” as Cecilia, the young depressive who takes her own life.

She played a character named Becky in a little-known film called “Happiness Runs.”

Here, she gives a cold stare as Paige Alexander in “Scalene.”

She might have had a lot of roles since, but to us, she’ll always be Jenny, telling Forrest to run.