Russian Company Rents Out Private Jets For Photoshoots So People Can Pretend They’re Rich.

Russian Company Rents Out Private Jets For Photoshoots So People Can Pretend They’re Rich. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever dreamed of having a photo shoot on board an airplane? It sounds a bit Kanye when you think about it. Well, one photographic studio in Moscow is providing people with the opportunity to organize a shoot in one of their 650 Gulfstream private airplanes. Best of all, you don’t have to actually fly in the air, which should please a lot of you who don’t like flying. The whole point of this opportunity is to give you a chance to fool your Instagram followers, sort of like that time back in 2014 when Justin Bieber told his followers he bought a jet but didn’t.You don’t have to own a million bucks to buy yourself your own jet. Private Jet has come up with a workaround where you can look like you’re getting on-board a jet. You just have to look cool doing it.

This grounded jet photo shoot session is well worth the experience, and you can look like royalty or a high-class socialite as you get on and off with style and class.

Just make sure you do it with a lot of class. Remember, you’re trying to look like you’re worth a million bucks, so even the way you get out of the car has to give off the illusion of being spoiled rich.

What better way to convince your followers that you lead a life of luxury than by sitting aboard your private plane sipping champagne and eating a healthy salad while looking out the window at the little people.

For $244, you can have a two-hour photo shoot with a professional photographer. Until now, you probably thought you’d leave this world without ever feeling like a supermodel, but now you can.

If you don’t own one, there’s always a model dog they can use to take the photo. Trust us! Your social media likeability will always skyrocket when they think you’re rich, but have a soft spot for animals.

Insta-fame is just around the corner. You just need some cash and a ticket to Moscow to see it through. You have to admit, it’s a lot easier to give off the illusion that you’re rich than it is to actually becoming rich.

They’ll either love you or hate you, or both. But that’s okay, because only you know the truth behind your lavish fake lifestyle.

How often will you get to experience being pampered this way. This people are pros and will help you to look like you’re on a A-List celebrity worthy of rubbing elbows with the Kardashians.

They’re professional makeup artists and they know what they’re doing to ensure your skin looks flawless for the cameras. Oh, and wait until you see how your photos turn out. You’ll swear you’re a different person.

The number of likes you’ll get will soar once the photos go live. From a demure pose to being surrounded by friends and followers. You’ll simply wonder why you didn’t try this sooner?

For nearly $434 extra, you can give them the proof my having your whole experience video recorded instead. Then you can post the video and tell your haters to eat their heart out.

Sometimes the illusion is better than the reality and we all deserve to feel like we’re rich, even if it’s only for an hour or two. When the experience is all set and done, you’ll have a big smile on your face and a perfect lie you can present to your followers.

In actuality, you’ll never leave the ground. But since celebs like the Kardashians and Gianluca Vacchi have made private jet posts so famous, it was only a matter of time before private jet shoots became a thing.

It would be silly to let all those “Rich Kids of Instagram” or “Luxury Kids of Instagram” get to have all the fun. You don’t have to be Dan Bilzerian either. You just have to look like you’re financially loaded like they are.

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