He Presses A Hard Lump On His Tongue, And Something Disgusting Comes Out.

He Presses A Hard Lump On His Tongue, And Something Disgusting Comes Out. October 7, 2018

The human body is a perfectly built structure where every part has a purpose and a job to do. People tend to sometimes take their bodies for granted. But just like a car if you don’t keep up with its maintenance it will begin to break down. Things like keeping a healthy diet, exercising, not consuming drugs, and alcohol will ensure that you keep the body strong and healthy for years to come. Still, every once in a while the human body needs to remind you it needs some TLC through aches and pains. Sometimes things will pop up that seem they come out of a nightmare as opposed to our insides. Just when you think you have seen it all, someone decides to share disturbing and really gross proof of what their human anatomy created. Let’s just say you will be drinking a lot more water after seeing the following images and video.He had been experiencing pain in his face for about five days. The dentist told him he was developing a salivary duct stone.

The stones can block the salivary ducts causing saliva build up in the glands. This area will swell with patients complaining of aches and discomfort in the mouth, neck, and face.

Douglas was eating breakfast when he felt even more pressure in the area.

He took his mobile phone with him to record the strange object ejecting under his tongue.

-Certain medications reduce the amount of saliva produced in the mouth. -People who do not eat enough also decrease their saliva production. -Not drinking enough water makes saliva more concentrated.

This allowed the salivary duct stone to be pushed further out.

While this is happening, the man is groaning.

Once the stones are formed they either come out on their own or they have to be retrieved by a dentist.

->**Douglas shared the video of his salivary duct stone coming out. The video has gone viral with over 3 million views.**<-