It Looks Like A Regular Selfie, But What’s On The Floor Has Everyone Upset.

It Looks Like A Regular Selfie, But What’s On The Floor Has Everyone Upset. September 10, 2018

Social media is a great way for celebrities to stay connected to their fans. Sharing new work ventures, daily activities, and lots and lots of selfies. Model, Sarah Stage has been sharing her photo shoots in bikinis and lingerie with her two million followers on Instagram. The 32-year-old may know how hard and critical the world of modelling may be but she was not prepared for the constant criticism she was about to receive the moment she showed her baby bump to the world. The Los Angeles, California resident shared a selfie dressed in black, sexy lingerie while her bump still boasted of a six-pack. Instead of celebrating her hard work at the gym, she was condemned for focusing on her figure rather than the well-being of her baby. Just when you thought the mom has faced her hardest backlash, Sarah is back in the spotlight again and it’s all for the wrong reasons.The model said she gained 28 lbs. because she never stopped exercising.

“I made a promise to myself that I wanted to get into the best shape that I could before I was pregnant, and once I was pregnant I worked with my trainer, and he had little workouts you could do while you were pregnant,” explains Sarah.

Four days after giving birth, Sarah’s abs were in full display.

She admits she lost the remaining weight two weeks after giving birth. The mom has small meals throughout the day and works out three to five times a week.

And just when you think the harsh criticism was done and over with, Sarah posted a new selfie.

Except users noticed a certain someone lying on the floor.

Many people took the liberty to attack Sarah on her parenting style.

“I’m not sure why people attack me, especially as a new mom. I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to make judgments, especially when they don’t know me,” she says. “I think as women, we should stick together, we should encourage, each other. We shouldn’t bash each other, we shouldn’t tear each other down.”

Sarah who has been modelling since she was two years old is adamant she would never put her son in a dangerous situation.

“I try to not to read negative comments. I try to focus on my followers that have been so supportive. Those are the ones that really motivate me,” she says.