Satisfying Moments People Got Their Sweet Revenge.

Satisfying Moments People Got Their Sweet Revenge. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Although getting revenge isn’t always the right answer, it’s just too sweet to turn down sometimes. Not everyone is capable of walking away and being the “bigger person.” With that said, a lot of people can be very creative and smart with their revenge. While many people might find it petty, others find it brilliant. Sometimes a situation is just too unjust to leave alone. If justice won’t be served, you just gotta take matters into your own hands, right? Well, these people and animals certainly did and they each nailed it.If you are taking your little fellow for a ride, always make sure they go potty first!

So he gave her this card at her birthday dinner.

So it returned with its pack of friends to trash the driver’s car.

Not all employees are that dumb.

This just proves that the better the ‘comeback’ the greater the humiliation.

He or she WILL get your revenge.

This is so beautiful and evil at the same time.

She’s dumb for thinking he wouldn’t see that she was still using his account.

Happy hunting, it was well deserved!

So someone decided to return the dumped garbage to the person’s driveway.

Don’t think you’ll actually fool anyone!

Good for you grandma for taking a stand and showing them who’s boss.

Don’t mess with the garbage men’s shifts. You just caused them a lot of hassle for parking there!

It’ll probably be best if he continues this for as long as he can.

Faith in humanity restored.

And a herd of buses decided to give him sweet sweet karma.

Poor James Comey will never get that pool table now.

The girlfriend definitely won this battle.

She was obviously in the wrong train car anyways.

So pranksters decided to cover up the car with sticky notes.

But BRAVO for such a brilliant response and action plan.

So he left a note for the boyfriend to read.

But unfortunately for them, so are you.

That’s one clever horse!

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