The 23 Funniest School Signs Ever… #15 Is Totally Offensive.

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How exactly are we supposed to study for this test?

When you were a kid, you always lamented the ways in which your school seemed to undervalue one of its greatest resources: **The signboard.** Looking out the window of second period math class, your imagination soared with possibilities. The school could use the sign to make a joke! You could change the sign in the middle of the night to say something crazy! You could steal the letters to make a dirty word! Here, we have 23 signboards, some of which are being underutilized, some of which are hilarious mistakes, and some of which are revealing some pretty disturbing information about the school they're in front of. In other words, they're the signboard fails you dreamed of as a kid: **#16 would have had the whole school in stitches.**

The person who made this sign was not invited to the spelling bee.

Honoring our community's MILFs since 1974.

But not that much of a difference.

A valiant effort.

Perhaps you should commit yourself even further?

From a galaxy far, far away.

The brakes on our car are working fine, thank you.

This junior high school is about to get crazy.

To marrow, or not to marrow?

This event is necessary.

Clever children are clever.


The challenge has already begun.

Uh...what "things," exactly?

That's just cold.

We can't wait to meet you, Chlamydia!

Knack, nacke, tomato, tomahto.

My favorite subject is speeling.

Taking literacy to new, unexpected heights.

Desperate for re-enrollment, the sign is actually supposed to read "Well, come back!"

Maybe they just didn't have a C and hoped no one would notice.

Yes, please do.

A break for all the hardworking small stems out there.