Scientists Say This Woman Has The ‘Perfect’ Face… Do You Agree?

Scientists Say This Woman Has The ‘Perfect’ Face… Do You Agree? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It has long been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This may explain why someone might find a person absolutely gorgeous while someone else just doesn’t find that same individual attractive. According to experts though, beauty is not based on what the eyes see. It’s all about math, actually. Scientists argue that a beautiful face comes from the perfect symmetry and ratio of the eyes, nose, chin, and forehead. In Britan, they held a competition that would help them find the ideal specimen of the perfect face. Contestants could not have had plastic surgery or any other type of chemical enhancement. Over 8,000 women from all over submitted their photo with little to no makeup to see if they would be selected as the most beautiful face in the country.Deal is a town with a population of 30,000 people.

One of the criteria is the space of a woman’s pupil should be no more than half the width of her face from ear to ear.

The teen works twice a week at the local restaurant while she studies England’s A Level, preparing her for university.

After winning the contest, Florence was flown to London to meet with a model agency.

The goal of the contest is to highlight and embrace natural beauty.

Florence is studying business, geography, and psychology. She plans to attend university to major in business management.

Experts say the distance between the eyes and the mouth needs to be a third of the distance from the hairline to the chin. Florence’s ratio is 32.8%.

The perfect woman’s face need to be under half the width from ear to ear from the pupils. Florence has a 44% ratio.

“I hope people will look at me and think they don’t need to,” says Florence. She also wants other women to know that there is no need to fall into the idea that they must wear make-up.

Carmen Lefèvre from the University of St Andrews perception laboratory in the School of Psychology says that most people do not have the same measurements on their right side and left side of the face.

For Florence she is a natural beauty who happens to have almost perfect symmetry.

Many of the locals say Florence’s beauty come from the sea air from the small town.

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