Scottish Wildcat Endures The Shame Of Being Saved By An ENGLISH Zoo.

Scottish Wildcat Endures The Shame Of Being Saved By An ENGLISH Zoo. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s really shocking how insensitive we humans can be. What’s even more shocking is that we keep proving it time and again. We have damaged every possible thing we have in our surroundings and even now there is no stopping us. We continue to do so even when we know that we will have to bear the consequences. We’ve endangered many lives for the sake of temporary luxuries.One such species that has been suffering over the years is the Scottish Wildcat.

They are considered to be among the most at-risk species according to conservationists.

There have been various reasons for their killings but they were primarily killed because of their precious fur and also to stop them from preying on valuable birds. However, they are now protected by UK law. They still face a huge threat because of different reasons, some of them being cross breeding with domestic cats, habitat loss and accidental persecution.

Zoologists were on cloud nine when this rare feline gave birth to a kitten. The arrival of this little fellow was a major boost to all the efforts the zoologists were making in order to save these wildcats. Though the kitten was born in May, it has spent the majority of the initial months tucked away in its den with the mother, Einich. It has recently gained the confidence and strength to explore the wild. Here’s hoping that this little fellow will soon grow into a powerful predator.

The zoologists are taking strict measures to ensure the safety of these wildcats. Chester’s zoo is home to three of them – adult female Einich, male Cromarty and the new kitten. They are in a special behind-the-scenes breeding facility. They are not directly on show to the public but visitors can see them via a live webcam.

Conservation breeding in the zoo is a key element in the wider plan for the survival of the species. The zoologists are working with the help and knowledge of carnivore experts to breed Scottish wildcats and to increase the net population. They also hope that they would be able to release the offspring of these wildcats into the Highlands of Scotland in the near future. The specialists wish a safe and normal life for these felines without any threats to their existence.

They have cameras there and also use these to identify areas where these wildcats are thriving and the areas where they suffer the most.

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