37 Photos That Turned Out Super Awkward Thanks To Perfect Timing.

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She works out A LOT.

Despite all the advances in technology for cameras to get the most sharp, colourful photos, people still seem to fail at getting the perfect shot. Whether it’s done on purpose or just by total fluke, there are photos that play mind tricks with us; a foot or elbow positioned a little bit off will change the purpose of the image all together. Great photographers always advice to keep working hard at the craft and eventually an amazing photograph will come out of nowhere. But then we would not be getting these funny images that require us to take a second look.

The arms are long to embrace people better.

Put some pants on!

The act of the disappearing legs.

Where did her torso go?

The leaf that dreams of being a caterpillar.

Someone's rear-end is cold.

Her toes are in the way.

She thought it was bathing suit season already.

Water troubles.

Everyone has a friend who hates clothes.

An inappropriate elbow.

We think that's a man on the bottom, but we hope to be wrong.

He's really long for a dog.

Her cake-tiered dress.

The elbow is making an unusual appearance.

Not what you're thinking.

They are so close, they blend into one.

He's not the one wearing the stripped shirt.

The most embarrassing piggy back ride.

The elbow strikes again!

He has the longest, wooden legs ever!

Pool face.

The most terrifying pigeon!

Two cars in one.

How is that even possible?

He just ate his friend.

When the hair color is the same.

She swears she never had lip fillers.

Awesome legs!

Wait, I'm confused.

The human-pup likes to stay warm.

Oh no!

Who has the nice legs?

The mystery of the shrunken head.

Her arm-foot comes in handy.

She's a contortionist.