The Secret Trap Doors Of This Seemingly Perfect Suburban Street.

The Secret Trap Doors Of This Seemingly Perfect Suburban Street. June 20, 2020

Cops had no idea that the crib they found contained a freaky secret…until they turned it over and discovered a trap door underneath.

Miami may be a traveler’s paradise, but it has its downsides. One of the biggest issues involves the number of controlled substances. Violence and other criminal activities are on the rise too. Over the last decade, things have gradually gotten worse, but those living on Southwest 220 Street know this already. In fact, they started having suspicions over one house in their neighborhood, and this house held an unusual secret.

As locals talked, cops eventually heard the alleged rumors, but it took them a while to build a case that allowed them to search the house. This wasn’t easy since some of the neighbors seemed nervous about talking and refused to help, which frustrated authorities. In fact, the more effort they put in trying to get into the house, the more the community tried to prevent this from happening. But one day, cops found a way in.

Although most neighbors weren’t willing to talk, cops found someone who had seemingly had enough and decided to snitch. This was the break that cops needed because all they needed was one neighbor to come forward to voice their concern. Now that they had this, the cops had a chance to investigate what they had long suspected. But it turns out that they were completely unprepared to discover what they found when they finally walked into the house.

One mom had hidden a terrible secret underneath her child’s crib, and she had managed to keep this hidden for a long time. It turns out that there was a trap door under the crib, and no one had a clue what lay hidden underneath. But it didn’t take long for cops to find the horrible secret that had been strategically kept from them. When cops had the necessary paperwork to raid the home, they found something that shook them to the core.

Two homes shared storage rooms, which contained illegal substances, but no solid connection had been found between the two dwellings. However, cops eventually managed to remove $350,000 worth of controlled substances off the street, which was a huge victory. But they still couldn’t find enough evidence to prove that this was the work of a syndicate. The couple, and all other suspects were detained, so, for the time being, Southwest 220 Street remained safe and clean.

Although the neighborhood seemed peaceful, the neighbors had grown suspicious. The house on 12485 Southwest 220 Street had become a source of attention. No one was sure what the homeowners were up to, but they knew something was up, especially since several shady characters continued to visit the house. But no one imagined that the cops would find what they did underneath the floor of the house itself.

Underneath the crib, which was littered with toys, was a hidden door, and cops eagerly speculated what could be hiding underneath. After all, they’d gotten word that neighbors had seen people going into the house, but they never saw anyone leaving. Unable to contain their growing curiosity, they prepared to take a look inside. But none of the officers could have foreseen the truth that was underneath their feet.

After uncovering the first house, which had controlled substances, cops were called in to check on another home, which cops assumed was a grow house. The cops were initially frustrated because the couple inside the home seemed normal. The family had two daughters, who were eight and twelve. To the untrained eye, there was nothing off about the home they were in. But then, one of the officers noticed the pool in the yard.

One of the officers noticed an overturned pool and decided to take a closer look. But he was shocked when he found that the pool was hiding a grow house. The rumors had been true after all. Growing below the surface were countless bushes of controlled substances. It seemed that the couple had excavated their backyard. But cops didn’t understand how this hadn’t made the neighbors suspicious before. Maybe they had been coerced into staying quiet.

The cops were astounded as soon as they investigated what was under the trap door. The floor and ceiling were littered with controlled substances and the story was about to get more heated. Cops learned that there was another house which was allegedly linked to another. Once they discovered this house, they paid the homeowners a visit. But this only made their investigation and their discovery more worrisome.

When cops raided the home, they found nothing but an unkept home. Everything seemed okay on the surface, which didn’t make authorities look good at all. But there was a secret underneath the floorboards they walked on that was hidden in plain sight. The officers weren’t about to give up that easily either. That’s when they discovered a crib, which had been placed in an area of the house that made them very suspicious.

The officers at the scene were growing weary by the minute. They feared that their informant might have led them astray. Still, they continued searching, but found nothing. The home was somewhat organized and there were no items that made them suspect anything was amiss. But then they walked into the main bedroom, and that’s where they found a crib, which peaked the curiosity of the investigators.

The neighbors in the area claimed they knew nothing. But the cops noticed that everyone’s story seemed absolutely rehearsed. All the neighbors living next to the couple believed that their neighbor was excavating in order to have a pool installed. But as common as this seemed for Miami, cops were puzzled by one thing. Why would they have a free-standing pool laying upside down over the excavation area? The neighbors’ ignorance didn’t make sense, and it felt as though it wouldn’t either.

When the cops walked into the main bedroom and noticed that the baby’s crib was out of place, they took a closer look. While the cops weren’t interior designers, they knew that this crib really didn’t belong where it was. This only pushed them to examine the crib even further to make sense of this. So, when they took a closer look, they noticed something suspicious. That’s when one cop pushed the crib to the side and the truth was finally revealed.

Miami, Florida might seem normal. After all, the locals are friendly, the weather is sunny and warm almost all the time, and many musicians use Miami as the subject of some of their hit songs. The amazing culture and beautiful beaches might make you wonder what could go wrong here. Well, apparently, quite a lot can go wrong, as authorities discovered. It wasn’t just a house. It was an entire neighborhood that sat on top of a huge secret, and this amazed police when they finally managed to raid the homes.