Secret Footage Reveals What REALLY Happens At Nursing Homes.

Secret Footage Reveals What REALLY Happens At Nursing Homes. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

This year, my amazing grandmother moved into an assisted living facility, a transition that she was none too pleased with – at least at first. Over time, she got used to the environment, but she has never stopped commenting on the activities director there, who seems to be ruling with an iron fist. If you ask my grandmother what this tyrant is up to, she’ll respond by saying something like, “*She’s always bursting into our rooms in the morning and forcing us to do things. Sometimes we have to do crafts. I don’t want to do crafts, but I do them because she’s crazy*.” The enforced call times, mandatory exercise, and regimented diet are all part of keeping senior citizens healthy, but I can’t help but wonder what must be really going on in their heads while they’re on those stationary bikes. Fortunately, after watching this video, I don’t have to wonder anymore. I wish these cats lived at my grandmother’s home – **at least then she’d have some like-minded party animals.**

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